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Another Holiday Guest Article. The Meyer Family Support Him As Media Spins His Gambling Addiction & Prison.

Happy Holidays and Welcome Recovery Friends,   . So The Media Portrays a Father and Husband  Like THIS:   “Day of Reckoning for Crooked Accountant” . “A Long Island accountant may spend up to 13 years in prison for steali...

Nepal, 1016 Part One

It’s another adventure for me and an opportunity to serve the Lord. I am off to Nepal with a team sponsored by the Nampa Idaho Church of the Nazarene. The Lord has brought together a team of people from Idaho as well Colorado, Utah, Oregon and...
by Doing God's Work on Dec 7, 2016

Growing Your Own Vegetables Can Help You Save Money And Lead An Eco-Friendly Life

There are many benefits with regards to leading an eco-friendly life, the most important of which is the fact that it can help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. In addition, many steps that you can take towards being eco-f...
by My Green Living Ideas on Sep 1, 2016

If You Want To Help Me, Buy My Books!

People often say that helping others makes you feel better, and it’s true, you do feel better. I used to try to help people, but then a rebellious thought hit me. Wasn’t it a bit arrogant to assume we know what other people needed? Has anyon...
by Bertram's Blog on Aug 27, 2016

Zambia, 2016, Part Three

Each morning after breakfast a team member was  asked to present a devotional. This was a great opportunity to offer thanks to the Lord and share some of the things that led us to be on the team. After devotions we were given instructions for the da...
by Doing God's Work on Jul 19, 2016

Kentucky, 2016, Part One

We are back with the Williamston, Michigan, Free Methodist Church to help out our friends at Oakdale Christian Academy in Jackson , Kentucky. The school is described in their website “” as: Oakdale Chri...
by Doing God's Work on Jul 19, 2016

What Makes Someone a “Lifelong Reader”?

I’ve dealt with children and reading quite a bit on this blog…  But, personally, it’s fascinating that neither of my parents were avid readers—they read what they had to read, for work, for their religion—I never saw th...
by Notes from An Alien on Jul 11, 2016

The Trailer Isn’t the Problem.

What will your horse remember the next time you load?
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 8, 2016

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Are you finding a self-sufficient lifestyle to be too difficult?
by Hunter Happenings on Jun 30, 2016

The EU is not "outward-looking"...

Many Remain campaigners have lashed out, describing the vote to Leave the EU as being somehow "unprogressive". As usual with these types of people, for all that they claim to be progressive, global, and non-racist, their views are hopelessly parochia...
by Devil's Kitchen on Jun 27, 2016

Tips to Help Fussy Eaters by Dietician Laura Clark

Today, I welcome dietician, Laura Clarke of LEC Nutrition, with her super tips to help support fussy eaters. Read more...
by Honest Mum on Jun 22, 2016

Fathers and Sons in Sakamoto desu ga? Episode 10

Spring’s been an awesome season for anime all around, but Sakamoto desu ga? (“Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto”) is easily my top pick. This week’s mini episode featuring Hayabusa’s culinary ventures with Sa...
by Anime Monographia on Jun 18, 2016

Kenya’s ‘Ghetto Classics’ helping slum kids with music

A neighborhood program for youngsters from a casual negotiation in Nairobi, Kenya is assisting the young people with opportunitie to better themselves and their area. Started in 2009, the Ghetto Classics has helped budding musicians. At a recent conc...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jun 9, 2016

Nepal, 2016, Doing God’s Work

It will be off to Nepal this Fall on another project for His kingdom! The project is described as follows. We have a great opportunity to assist in the construction of a church building for a congregation of 100 in the village of Dhangadi, Nepal. Thi...
by Doing God's Work on May 27, 2016

Zambia, 2016, Part Two

We are up in the morning ready to go to work. We are working on the Africa South East Field Conference and Training Center near Lusaka Zambia. After a great meal put together by two of our team members we are off and working. Some of the rooms do not...
by Doing God's Work on May 27, 2016

Treat dry, sensitive skin naturally with AVEENO®

Our family has always struggled with sensitive skin and boy is it frustrating and uncomfortable! Read more...
by Honest Mum on May 25, 2016

Dads: 20 Brilliant Ways To Support A New Mum

We all have roles in relationships and in ours, we try and share the burden of all responsibilities in the house and with the baby. Could I personally do more? Yes! Taking over some of the responsibilities that weren’t previously mine would certain...
by First Time Dad on May 6, 2016

Zambia, 2016, Part One

Some of you may have thought I got lost on one of my trips and never returned. Not the case though, as you can see! In 2016 my wife and I went on a Work and Witness trip with the Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene. If you follow my blog you will...
by Doing God's Work on Apr 19, 2016

The Spirit is Alive and Well

There are times when I look around me and wonder what the world is coming to. People are either too busy or too wrapped up in themselves to take the time to think of the needs of others. We are … Continue reading →...
by Second Wind Publishing on Apr 16, 2016

Living with Sensory Processing Disorder

Does your child struggle with sensory processing disorder?
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 12, 2016

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