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Talgo Train Reaches 3 hours late on Delhi-Mumbai Trial Route

Finally, on Tuesday, High-speed Spanish Talgo train completed its third and final phase of trials. Third trial of Talgo was on route from Delhi to Mumbai. High Speed train reached 3 hours late to Mumbai. According to a Western Railway... The post Tal...

California starts building its high-speed train system

At long last, California's promised high-speed train system is becoming more than just a pipe dream. The state will break ground on the first section of track in Fresno on January 6th, creating the foundation for a 220MPH rail network that will event...
by engadget on Jan 4, 2015

Indian Railway Aiming World-Class Experience of Journey

A successful trial of high speed semi bullet train was performed today between Delhi to Agra. It gives an impression at a first glance that Indian Railway is now planning very seriously to break the image of  its orthodox stereotype tr...
by Close Watch on Jul 3, 2014

Winning Science August 7, 2013

Today we start off something pure and wholesome…Dino Sex! We all know dinosaurs come from eggs (a select few from actual science, the rest of us from watching Jurassic Park) yet scientists don’t know how dinosaur sex worked. They have ...
by Therefore I Geek on Aug 7, 2013

Travel High Speed from London to Malaga

The new and latest link in the Spanish AVE high speed train network was opened today between Barcelona and Figueres on the Spanish/French border. So now you can catch the high speed train from London to Paris, change for a train to the Spanish border...
by LPG Property Spain on Jan 8, 2013

Guangzhou South Railway Station

I spent the weekend in Macao as part of my visa requirements. These are photos taken in the Guangzhou South Railway Station where we waited for our train.
by Borrowed Culture on Dec 17, 2012

Wake up California.No more Taxes,No more Liberals.

I've been want to write this for a couple of weeks,just haven't had the time. Been fighting "The Lame Stream Media", Obama, his lies and propaganda on the web via "Facebook,Twitter my Blog and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websit...
by Roberts Thoughts on Oct 30, 2012

Train travel: Italo gives additional option high speed rail travel in Italy

The only option for high speed rail transport in Italy is the Trenitalia which is operated by the state. This will not be the case anymore as Italo starts to serve commuters that are looking for more... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my we...
by Travel on May 8, 2012

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