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Scramble in the Rockies: Mount Baldy (video post)

Quick Stats: Mount Baldy Location: One hour away from Calgary, Alberta, in Kananaskis Country just outside Banff National Park. Elevation: 2193 metres Round-trip time: 4-6 hours Difficulty: Moderate (due to the crux, which is about 2/3rds of the wa...
by Marie Away on Apr 12, 2016

Your Adventure Guide to the Castle Wilderness

The original can be found here: Your Adventure Guide to the Castle Wilderness. Please read the original. Your comprehensive guide to the Castle Wilderness, a paradise in SW Alberta where you can hike and paddle without the crowds. It's also an ideal...

When should I go hiking in Canada?

As the second-largest country in the world (geographically), and with a population of just 35-million, Canada has a lot of open space. Given its size, it’s also incredibly diverse. Canada has an enormous offering of hiking options, and hiking...
by Marie Away on Jun 22, 2015

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