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In Defense of Comey - Sort Of

For months now we've been told Jim Comey, head of the FBI, is a real stand up guy and will do the right thing.  So what's the deal.  A few thoughts.One, we didn't take into consideration the fact he is a Republican in a Democrtic administra...
by Dogwalk Musings on Jul 8, 2016

Justice Prevails? Only For The Privileged

Did any of you listen to or read James Comey's report on the Clinton e-mails today?  It was scathing.  He laid out in detail all that was done that should not have been. Then he ignored the most important part of the statute concerned - the...
by Dogwalk Musings on Jul 5, 2016

As The Establishment Squirms

One thing about traveling during the political silly season, you miss little if you miss a day or two of getting fresh news.  Nothing other than politics is covered and so far this season it has been pretty steady.Hillary is dipping in the polls...
by Dogwalk Musings on Aug 30, 2015

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