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Shintoism Beliefs

Could you shed light on Shinto? Hi all, I heard a few things about Shinto beliefs and practices, and I listen to any information you have about this, I've heard for this is very interesting. Thanks! * People * EDIT, the reason I ask is to hear fr...
by Religion Exposed! on May 10, 2011

The Hindu God Vishnu

According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu is a member of a cosmic triad, the three gods who have the responsibility for creating, maintaining and destroying the universe. The destroyer we have already discovered in the figure of Shiva. The cosmic creator...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Jan 23, 2009

How Many Gods do Hindus Believe In?

The American philosopher William James once remarked that he thought that the issue of the “one” and the “many” was one of the most difficult and yet one of the most important philosophical problems. Most Westerners probably have little idea...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Jan 4, 2009

The Dharma of Hinduism

When we explore the classical Hindu view of karma we may note that this notion takes on decidedly moral overtones with the ideas of positive and negative karma. What we didn’t talk about is what determines wether the karma is good or bad and how to...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Nov 30, 2008

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