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WWII starts: from august 1939 to may 1941

Map with first conquests in Europe of german and soviet armies...
by SS-CCSS on May 25, 2016

Historical Maps of Manitoba

If you are looking for Manitoba Historical Maps then you will want to check out the 1000+ maps of Winnipeg, Brandon and other regions of Manitoba that are now scanned and available online.The post Historical Maps of Manitoba appeared first on Canadi...
by CanadianGIS on Jul 29, 2015

Decolonization in Contemporary World: maps

Map of World Decolonization, according to time of independenceMap of World Decolonization, according to Imperial Dependency (former ruler country)...
by SS-CCSS on Jun 8, 2015

Germany Expansion in the 30s

in english:...
by SS-CCSS on Jun 3, 2015

W. H. Pugsley Collection of Early Canadian Maps (1556 to 1857)

In 1971-72 Dr. William Howard Pugsley, donated his collection of early Canadian maps that he had collected during the late 1930s and World War II. Download digital scans of these 50 early Canadian historical maps published between 1556 to 1857 that h...
by CanadianGIS on May 7, 2015

Interactive Historical Maps of Fredericton, New Brunswick

A collection of historical maps and plans of Fredericton, New Brunswick are freely available to the general public.They have been georeferenced so that they can be visualized with various mapping applications (Google maps, Bing maps, Google Earth, A...
by CanadianGIS on Jun 5, 2014

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