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Hinduism Today and Its Incursion into the Modern World

We’ve discussed the incursion of the West into Hindu life in India. Let’s turn to discuss the reciprocal reaction: the movement of Hindus and Hinduism into the West. The history of this movement is far briefer than the other. By the late 19th cen...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 15, 2009

Hinduism Today

Here we will reflect on modern life and Hinduism’s responses to it. If there is a dominant theme that characterizes Hinduism during this period is the matter of its relationship with the non-Hindu world. The modern era has brought great challenges...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 15, 2009

British Imperialism in India

In many ways, the British imperialism in India was far more significant than the presence of Muslims, although the British directly ruled India for only 90 years. The British brought with them western folk ways and culture. Many Indians sought to imi...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 13, 2009

The Philosophy of Gandhi and Hinduism

I mentioned in another article that India was a western idea before it was an Indian idea. Christianity itself would lend to national Indians some of the ideas they would use to achieve independence. Gandhi was greatly impressed by Jesus’ Sermon on...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 13, 2009

Hinduism and the Challenge of Islam

We in the West generally associate Islam with the Arab world. We often fail to remember that the majority of Muslims live in South Asia and eastwards. The most populous Islamic country is Indonesia, followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Islam f...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 12, 2009

The Founder of Hinduism

One of the most frequently asked questions about Hinduism (or any other religion), is who was its founder? Who was the founder of Hinduism? Who started this religious tradition that today has around one billion followers? Although in other major worl...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Dec 11, 2008

The Caste System

The caste system is a social, economic, political and religious phenomenon. And it is extremely complex. Here we will simplify greatly to try to understand it.The Hindu caste system is based on an assumption that lies at odds with the assumption of W...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Nov 30, 2008

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