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Secret Nazi Cognac: Hitler’s hidden Hennessy booze stash discovered

Hitler’s secret booze stash discovered! A great Cognac treasure was found close to the famous water castle Moritzburg in Saxonia. The Saxon royal family used to live here until 1945. Today, a Nazi secret was unveiled: Adolf’s secret Henn...

ISIS: Killing for sport Roman-style! (Video)

Let's use a phrase that describes many of the things that are happening as we speak around the world today: 'History tends to repeat itself!'In this case I do not speak of Barack Obama's Neville Chamberlain-like attempt to negotiate with the sociopat...
by The Political Commentator on Jun 1, 2015

Tuhaf Moda Akımları

by Kadınlar Dünyası on May 30, 2015

Things you can do for free in Berlin

The German capital was highlighted in recent years by promoting freedom that attracts investors and artists alike. Recently become one of the most interesting European destinations, Berlin offers many activities for tourists extremely cheap or free.
by We care about your travel on May 25, 2015

Hitler Watches Ancient Aliens

by Documentary TV on May 24, 2015

Pánfilo se erige sobre Yoani…!No te lo pierdas!

Archivado en: Cuba, Subversión Tagged: 14ymedio, cuba, EE.UU, Hitler Videos, Luis Silva, Miami, Pánfilo, USA, Videos Pánfilo, YOANI SANCHEZ...
by Miradas Encontradas on May 22, 2015

Ever Hear of Jade Helm 15? How About Adolf Hitler?

Jade Helm 15 is a massive military 'exercise' that will occur ON US SOIL IN THE SOUTHWEST beginning in July 2015!Maybe it's just business as usual and nothing to worry about or, as some fear, much more.Those who will be termed conspiracy theorists by...
by The Political Commentator on May 2, 2015

Tv Dumb Sons – Un mundo en guerra

TV Dumb Sons…por César del Campo de Acuña Nombre Original: The World Wars. Número de Temporadas: 1 temporada. Número de Episodios: 6 Episodios en España. 3 en Estados Unidos. Duración de Cada Episodio: 40 Minutos. Recomendado Para: Mayores de...
by on May 1, 2015

Awww, warm fuzzies!

You see? Such a lovely lad, he was… such warm feelings twixt ‘im and Eva. It must have been so lonely for her to be sitting alone shut away all those years after he died. Poor little thing. I -had- to post this… it is just so delici...
by What’s All This, Then? on Apr 30, 2015


ADOLF HITLER COMMITTED SUICIDE IN BUNKER 70 YEARS AGOBerlin, Germany (JFK+50) Seventy years ago today, April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Bunker below the Reich Chancellery here in Berlin.Hitler, who had been in the Bunker since Ja...
by JFK+50 on Apr 30, 2015

Never Again? Long Island students sporting swastika t-shirts!

When will American Jews, or at least many of the Jews I know, realize that their safe and secure lives could be under attack and changed forever in a split-second?I have written here a great many times in the past about the phrase 'Never Again', and...
by The Political Commentator on Apr 16, 2015

Ukrainian Government Condemns Russia’s Celebration Day of Victory Against Nazis

The Ukrainian Government said on April 7th that any country sending representatives to Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of their victory against Adolf Hitler, will be blacklisted by Ukraine. That celebration will take place on M...
by Actualité Distincte on Apr 8, 2015

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945, was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party). He was chancellor....
by World Free Pictures on Apr 4, 2015

Massacre’s Plan To Get Rich

– Superior Spider-man #5Filed under: Marvel, Spiderman...
by Comicnewbies on Mar 28, 2015

Kacer Hitler dan KT Cisco nyaris nyeri di Liga Dharmasraya Seri IV

Kacer Hitler milik Sutan dari Koto Baru BC dan kapas tembak Cisco kepunyaan Yanto (Sungai Rumbai BC) nyaris nyeri juara 1 dalam Liga Dharmasraya Seri IV di Koto Agung – City Young, Dharmasraya, Sumatera Barat, Sabtu (21/3). Dari tiga kelas yang...

Obama, Iran and the 10 Worst Global Killers...Who wouldn't this man negotiate with?

Euphemism for the President bending over in his negotiations with Iran! Think about who some of the worst of the worst global actors of all time are which is a group that Iran is a proud member of! Are there any of these global monsters eit...
by The Political Commentator on Mar 20, 2015

O Filme +no sense do mundo

by Eu Avisei on Mar 12, 2015

GaliGali ft. Hitler Paos - Dawn

Check out the lyrics and official music video of this opm song entitled “Dawn” by GaliGali featuring Hitler Paos. This song is was released by tvniives on their YouTube Channel, March 11, 2015.&nb...
by OPM Songs on Mar 11, 2015

Che la guerra abbia inizio

La prendo alla lontana. Ufficialmente la seconda guerra mondiale è cominciata il primo settembre del 1939, ma in realtà essa è iniziata qualche mese prima, nell’aprile dello stesso anno quando una delegazione di uomini d’affari anglo...
by Il Simplicissimus on Mar 6, 2015

The Men Who Tried To Kill Hitler

The Men Who To Tried Kill Hitler Adolf Hitler survived many assassination attempts over his political career. Alltime Conspiracies looks at some of those bra… Clip liên quan: Anh Là Giọng Hát Việt – “Gangnam Style” [Hit...
by Video Clip Youtube on Mar 5, 2015

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