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Menunggu Itu Membosankan

Pepatah mengatakan "menunggu itu membosankan", itulah yang sedang aku alami. Dua akun PTCku sedang menunggu untuk diaudit pembayarannya. Kenapa gak instant aja kayak neobux dan palmbux ya? Dua PTC yang sedang aku tunggu ini adalah dan hitzmagi...
by Cari Duit Online on Aug 2, 2009

Earn Without Any Invest

It is another good site for earning money from home. You dont need to pay for registration. You get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for a few seconds to earn money. You don't ne...
by Easy Way To Earn Money on May 26, 2009

BestBux, Ukbux, HitzMagic and WaoIndia Scam

I have seen many people falling in these SCAMS and that bothered me a lot, so I thought it will help others if I make this post. I'll get it straight though, a PTC can't pay $.05 to $.10 for clicking an ad and watching it for few seconds. We will go...
by Saket Asati on Apr 11, 2009

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