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At HKBuzz you get paid just by browsing our sponsor’s ads.Unlike many other PTC sites, our goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.Why you should join hkbuzz, cause you could enjoy great features as below...
by PTC MANIAC on Feb 14, 2011


YES!!!I HAVE PAID WITH THIS PTC!!!UCBUX the same company with HKBUZZ!!!and… HKBUZZ LEGIT TOO!!!! An here form UCBUX Earn $0.0025 USD ~ $0.005 USD for each Sponsor PTR advertisement viewed. Earn 10% ~ 40% for each ad your referrals view. Earn...
by PTC MANIAC on Jan 1, 2011

New HKBuzz Payments

Just a quick post here. I recently received two more payments from HKBuzz. I got it after a few days and not instant because I forgot to post the payments in the forum,lol.. It should have been credited to my Paypal account instantly if only I didn&#...
by Make Money Online on Aug 12, 2010

HKBuzz Payment

HKBuzz recently celebrated it’s 1st year anniversary online last June. I didn’t realize (until now) that I have also been with the siteĀ  from the very beginning. I’m glad that this site lasted this long. Most of the PTCs which star...
by Make Money Online on Jul 28, 2010

Bukti Pembayaran dari HKBuzz ke-3 dan ke-4

Sebelumnya mohon maaf, dikarenakan kemarin vakum (baca :, jadi artikel ini merupakan artikel yang telat dibuat. Tanpa ada maksud saya menyombongkan diri, di luar dari itu saya sekedar share saja. Karena saya yakin masih banyak blo...
by Danta's Articles on May 13, 2010

HKbuzz first payment

If you want to join just register here I erased my name and the transaction ID on the paypal proof of pament :D...
by ILoveMuch on Mar 10, 2010

Bukti Pembayaran dari HKBuzz ke-2

HKBuzz merupakan salah satu PTC yang membayar. Ini terbukti saya telah mendapatkan Bayaran ke-2 dari HKBuzz. Belum lama ini saya telah mendapatkan Bayaran Pertama dari HKBuzz. Memang termasuk tidak perlu menunggu lama untuk payout di HKBuzz. Terhitun...
by Danta's Articles on Feb 9, 2010


Welcome! Here’s a list of the best PTC sites. When a site shows any sign of being a scam I will post it here immediately! I am only discussing the free memberships because I only work with free memberships. If you want to join one of the sites...

Pursuit of Happyness -> 3 payouts this week !

SvBux, HkBuzz and paid to                            Hello guys, I am back again with my other payouts. I rea...

Got Paid by HKBuzz for the Second Time

I just want to share the second payment that I recieved from HKBuzz. Amount is $2.00 HKD. Good enough since I recieved it without spending a single cent from being a member of HKBuzz. If your not yet a member of HKBuzz, just CLICK HERE to sign up!


by BEST PTC SITES on Oct 2, 2009

Got my payout in two sites today:

Another payment from HKBuzz and I have recently joined some PTCs and these two are good to get the payout quickly. Just a few a cents but within a few couple of days we can reach the payout. Please see my proofs on the links section.

HKBuzz 1st Payment Recieved

Today I requested a cash out from HKBuzz, the amount is $1 HKD, just a little amount compare to the other members are recieving. But my point is I personally recieved it on my PayPal account after few hours. In HKBuzz site, it stated that the waiting...

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