Blog Posts - Holiday Gift Guide 2016

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Food Lover in Your Life

How Was Your Day? We all know that one person that’s he first to try something, or the first to know all about the newest and hottest trends. Sometimes, when that person is the foodie in your circle, it’s great.  Other times…not so...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 9, 2016

Clever Gift Ideas for Women that Definitely Won’t Disappoint

How Was Your Day? It seems that when it comes to women and getting gifts, we get the short end of the stick sometimes. Kids aren’t really sure what to get their moms, and so they end up getting her something for the house. And not something coo...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 7, 2016

10 Really Great Gift Ideas for the Home

How Was Your Day? Do you ever have those people on your list that you just don’t know what to get them? Usually, for me, it’s people like my adult cousins or my aunts and uncles, or even my mom. They can buy whatever they want for themsel...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 4, 2016

Check out Our Favorite Organic Skin Care Items from Juice Beauty

How Was Your Day? Thanks to Juice Beauty for the hookup.  Links may be affiliate links. Do you know what the largest organ of your body is?  If you said your skin, you’d be correct.  Since it’s the largest organ, we should take care of it bett...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 3, 2016

Juice Beauty Organic Skin Care Giveaway

How Was Your Day? Have you heard of Juice Beauty?  It’s a great mid-range skin care and beauty line that is focused on providing natural and organic skincare. They realize that organic items are better for us, and that everything we come in co...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 1, 2016

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