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Restaurant decoration (a small local Chinese restaurant)

The photo shows a local Chinese restaurant's interior. Good decoration. Some dishes from this restaurant --
by 家常菜 on Aug 26, 2016

Restaurant decoration from Fuego restaurant

 Decoration of a restaurant named 'Fuego': For some food pictures from this restaurant --
by 家常菜 on Aug 25, 2016

Another Japanese restaurant decoration

Another Japanese restaurant decoration  There is another, smaller Japanese restaurant. I like its decoration, too. Some photos:- (Very pretty bamboo print on the wall.)- (Pretty ceiling decoration and pictures.)...
by 家常菜 on Jul 14, 2016

Good Decoration (interior)

 A good interior decoration from a Chinese restaurant: -- old style stuff. I like it. It gives me some traditional, warm feeling. Very good, indeed.
by 家常菜 on Feb 13, 2016

Chinese Decoration Exterior

Chinese Exterior Decoration  Exterior decoration (from China): . It's a Chinese decoration. Maybe you may guess what's the meaning of it, even you can't speak and read Chinese language. If you can't just let us know; we're r...
by 家常菜 on Feb 12, 2016

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Tree and so on

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Tree, etc.  Some photos, which are useful about the Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations ideas, etc. If you need photos of Christmas tree, you may find it useful, too! Here we go: -- Christmas decor...
by 家常菜 on Dec 22, 2015

Re: Romantic restaurant decoration

  And a photo of a smaller restaurant -- also very pretty, romantic and nice. Incredible decoration! Take a look: . Bricks, lanterns, wooden chairs, painting... Very nice!
by 家常菜 on Aug 10, 2015

Romantic restaurant decoration

Restaurant decoration I think it is a romantic restaurant and you can see parts of its decoration. Photos:- -- so pretty plant on the table!- [IMG]
by 家常菜 on Jun 27, 2015

Kitchen -- Interior Design Sketch

Interior Design Sketch -- Kitchen       How do you like it? I think it's a good kitchen design idea. Very convenient for cooking and to store things, according to ...
by 家常菜 on Jul 16, 2014

Small, but amazing kitchen. Perfect design. Nice interior.

Amazing Interior Design Kitchen      I think this is a small  (or maybe not that small; in my opinion it's not so small, because my own kitchen is much smaller), but amazing k...
by 家常菜 on Jul 15, 2014

A good interior design and illustration

Interior Design Sketches Of A Kitchen     Palette of good colors in this nice sketch. I think that this design shows a good and practical kitchen indeed.
by 家常菜 on Jul 9, 2014

Anothe Kitchen Design Sketch

Kitchen Design Sketch.      It's another one. You can see: 1,2,3,4,5... and other numbers over there. I like that "72 HOOD". Good.
by 家常菜 on Jul 9, 2014

Interior Kitchen Design Sketch Of Kitchen

Good 3D design kitchen sketch      I like this 3D design! Resembles some good animation! Good kitchen design!
by 家常菜 on Jul 9, 2014

Good Sketch Of A Kitchen Interior Design

A Good Sketch Of A Kitchen Interior Design     I think designer is a good job, isn't it. If I was one, I'd like to create this kind of amazing sketches.I like this...
by 家常菜 on Jul 9, 2014

Re: Chambre à coucher -- everything about it.

  Sure, it is!
by 家常菜 on Jul 7, 2014

Pretty Green-white Kitchen

Pretty Interior And Design Of A Green and White Kitchen      A pretty kitchen. I like this pale green color of the chair and of some of the other parts of this love...
by 家常菜 on Jun 27, 2014

A Huge Contemporary Kitchen

A Big Modern Kitchen      I think it's a good big kitchen. I think it's and example of a contemporary style kitchen. I'd like to have so huge kitchen, because it's not just huge, but pretty and wel...
by 家常菜 on Jun 27, 2014

Cozy Interior Of A Well Designed Kitchen

Cozy Interior, Good Design, Nice Kitchen      Cozy kitchen, isn't it? I like it. The sink, the cabinets, the oven, etc. are well situated. Nice light. I think it's comfor...
by 家常菜 on Jun 27, 2014

Kitchen interior design sketch

Interior Design Sketch Of Kitchen        Can you draw sketches? I think they're very useful. Look at this interior design sketch of kitchen. I like it and I think it's a ...
by 家常菜 on Jun 26, 2014

Modern kitchen with amazing kitchen furniture

An Amazing Kitchen Furniture. Pretty And Attractive Design. Beautiful InteriorThe interior of this modern kitchen is so pretty and warm. I like this kitchen design. There are so many good ideas to follow in this amazing room:    [IMG]http:.
by 家常菜 on Jun 26, 2014

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