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Realistic Homesteading Dreams

As you plan your homestead, keep your goals realistic.
by Hunter Happenings on Oct 15, 2015

Treating Bees with Essential Oils

Beehives can face various risks. Instead of using chemical treatments which can be stored in the wax, try choosing a natural option—essential oils.
by Hunter Happenings on Oct 8, 2015

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Homestead

Wondering what breed of dog is the best your home or homestead? Sherri Lyons shares some tips on how to choose the right dog for your family.
by Hunter Happenings on Oct 5, 2015

Ready to Ride? DIY Rope Reins

Have you considered making your own rope reins at some point? Jan Hatchett gives step-by-step instructions on how to create these.
by Hunter Happenings on Oct 1, 2015

A Deed Most Fowl

Chickens were dropping one by one. Could the innocent-looking dame be the murderess?
by Hunter Happenings on Sep 10, 2015

The Benefit of Owning Horses

Considering buying a horse your homestead, farm, or ranch? Take a look at some of the benefits of owning one.
by Hunter Happenings on Aug 31, 2015

We Have Pumpkins!!!!

I CANNOT believe it.  All our past efforts to grow pumpkins have always failed but THIS TIME.....a "volunteer" pumpkin plant started growing out of our compost bin and POOF: We have some awesome looking heirloom pumpkins. I AM SO HAPPY!!! It fig...
by Restoring the Roost on Aug 30, 2015

Protect Your Family from Snakes on the Homestead

Because snakes are a fact of life on her homestead, Jaimie has developed some strategies for getting rid of them.
by Hunter Happenings on Aug 13, 2015

The Hard Scrabble Life: Why I Don’t Call it Failure

This author and her family have chosen to live a hard life, off-grid, with freedom and integrity rather than a sheltered life of dependency.
by Hunter Happenings on Jul 27, 2015

Tomato Harvest

Lately we have been getting tons of tomatoes out of the garden!! I believe this is the first year I can actually say our tomatoes have done really well. I am especially excited that our Cherokee Purple heirlooms have produced well, because they are m...
by Restoring the Roost on Jul 9, 2015

8 Ways to Prepare for a Tornado

Start preparing today so your family won’t be caught unprepared for a tornado.
by Hunter Happenings on Jul 6, 2015

Abandoned but Beautiful....

I thought I would share with you today some farm scenes I shot while in Martin County, North Carolina. I'm sure you all know how much of a sucker I am for old farmhouses and outbuildings :)a frame barn or pack house sits along the path to o...
by Restoring the Roost on Jun 30, 2015

Picking Blueberries

Enjoy the benefits of harvesting inexpensive produce without the hassle of having to plant and care for it yourself.
by Hunter Happenings on Jun 29, 2015

The Lure of Minimizing and Living Off-Grid

  ** Pole Barn. North Idaho. ©Tracy J Thomas, 2015. All rights reserved. ** I have always felt I would make the perfect Hermit. I love spending time alone and one of my favorite places to spend that time is lost somewhere in the forest. Th...

Slow Cooker Lard

Lard, believe it or not, is one of the most versatile and useful items to occupy the kitchen of any homesteading or health conscious person.
by Hunter Happenings on Jun 23, 2015

Spring Garden

I love this time of year in North Carolina. I've been meaning to post a spring garden update for quite some time and now that it's almost summer I'm finally getting around to it! Such is the life with toddler twins...collardsEven though most of our f...
by Restoring the Roost on Jun 8, 2015

Composting 101: Let it Rot!

By composting you can save money on fertilizers and mulch; grow food organically; rid your homestead of unwanted, organic materials; and help the environment.
by Hunter Happenings on May 25, 2015

Birch Bark – The Gifts of a Fallen Tree

   I adore Birch trees. The light coloring of the Western Paper Birch with its unique peeling bark and lenticels catch my eye immediately when wandering the forest. Their foliage turns a brilliant yellow during the Fall and the leaves make...

Starting Tomato Seeds and Transferring Them Outside

Get a jump on spring by starting your tomato seedlings inside and then transferring after the danger of frost is past!
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 29, 2015

Nine Indoor Plants that Remove Toxins

Did you realize that indoor plants can help your rid your home of toxins?
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 27, 2015

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