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A Girl and Her Pony

Owning a horse can teach your child invaluable lessons, including responsibility.
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 24, 2015

Be Prepared: What Should You Carry in Your Car Every Day?

Are you prepared for emergencies that may arise while you’re out? Find out more about creating an Every Day Carry kit.
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 22, 2015

Green Treasures

Instead of killing your weeds, use them to create healthy and delicious salads and smoothies.
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 15, 2015

Recipe Organization

When cooking, I prefer to use recipes that are written down or onto something, rather than from a computer tablet or phone. I like to be able to see a recipe simply and clearly and it's important that I can access it very quickly. I still like to use...
by Restoring the Roost on Mar 27, 2015

Selling Your Farm Products

So, you want to make extra money off of your farm and you have the perfect product to sell. Now what?
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 17, 2015

Choosing the Right Animal for Your Homestead

Before jumping in and buying animals for your homestead, consider the pros and cons of the different types and breeds.
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 16, 2015

Homestead Basics: To Buy or DIY?

There is so much out there on making DIY products--everything from cooking staples to beauty products to cleaning products.  While I love the notion of making so many homemade products and homegrown food that aren't tainted with preservatives, a...
by Restoring the Roost on Mar 13, 2015

Planning for all Things HOME

Try using a yearly planner to help you juggle and schedule all of the things that need to be done around your homestead.
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 11, 2015

How to Build a Permaculture Garden Class, Part 1 & 2

This Saturday Eliza is going to be showing a small group of people how to install a permaculture garden by actually doing it — the best way to learn! If you prefer to learn hands-on, this class is going to cover a myriad of permaculture techniq...
by Appalachian Feet on Mar 10, 2015

Winter with Our Sheep

When it comes to raising sheep, or really any animal on the homestead, each season has its challenges. Winter is no exception.
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 10, 2015

Herb Windowsill Boxes—a Kitchen Garden at Your Fingertips

Start a windowsill herb box and enjoy the benefits of having fresh herbs at your fingertips to add to your favorite dishes.
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 5, 2015

Learning about Seed Banks

Find out what a seed bank is and why you should start your own.
by Hunter Happenings on Feb 23, 2015


We got guineas!!!  A few weekends back I made an impulse decision. I saw an ad on Craigslist for a trio of guinea fowl and I just couldn't pass it up. We already had a pen that was ready and empty (former turkey pen), and guineas just sound...
by Restoring the Roost on Feb 23, 2015

How to Attend Hands-On Classes in Gardens, Kitchens, Forests, and Even a Late 1800’s Cabin

It’s here. The garden classes are in gardens, the cooking classes are in kitchens, the nature study is in forests, the raspberries taste like raspberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Photo Caption: My daughter and I inside the...
by Appalachian Feet on Feb 12, 2015

Homesteading Blog Honorable Mention

Hello there!I'm so excited to share with you that this little blog has received an honorable mention by From Scratch Magazine as one of the top homesteading blogs!If you haven't visited From Scratch Magazine, it's such a great resource for the homest...
by Restoring the Roost on Jan 27, 2015

Testing Old Seeds for Viability

Each year we always wind up with lots of leftover seeds for most of the vegetables we grow in our garden. We try to reuse what we can, but after a few years it becomes hard to determine whether it is worth it to plant them in case of low germination...
by Restoring the Roost on Jan 17, 2015

5 Steps to Start Homesteading Right Where You Are

Let’s face it, the ultimate goal of most prepper’s is to eventually homestead. Homesteading puts many aspects of our lives under our control. We don’t need to rely on the vast transportation infrastructure required to bring a tomato to our kitc...
by Preparing For SHTF on Jan 15, 2015

More on Shuck Beans: Stringing, Drying, & Cooking

I've had a lot of interest in my post on shuck beans, so I thought I'd expand on this topic and talk a little bit about my experience with making this southern mountain delicacy. Shuck beans were a way to enjoy beans during the winter, and from what...
by Restoring the Roost on Jan 7, 2015

In a Time of Magic by Arnold Porter

One of the best benefits of teaching is when students absorb your information and apply it to enrich their lives. Another of my students has moved from writer to published author. Arnold W. Porter recently embraced the electronic publishing world ...
by on Jan 6, 2015

Broken Bones

Robin's Outdoors We live in an old farmhouse. The original house was built in 1899 as far as we know. We enter the cellar through a door on the floor located on the back porch. If it were big and metal and fancy you would call it a Bilco door bu...
by Robin's Outdoors on Dec 27, 2014

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