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One of the main, if not the defining one, reasons for Green Energy is the Climate Scam (based on normal changing weather patterns as interpreted by all the (rich) Chicken Littles of the World). As a result, Ontario suffers terrible … Continue r...
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Dec 24, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge- Symbol

You know the best symbol for a horse, don’t you? The one that says all is well; healthy horses are close by? Horsepeople can’t pass a pile without a glance. It’s like checking vitals and treasure hunt at the same time. Non horse own...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 13, 2015

Composting Is An Important Element Of Our Garden

Composter in the Garden I am sure most people have seen these composters. Maybe you even have one in your yard or garden. They work good and should be used by everyone. It comes in handy to have it near your garden. Then you do not have to haul...
by Homesteading On The Internet on May 25, 2013

How To Put Your Horse Manure To Good Use

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by Yorkie Housetraining on Apr 29, 2012

Eating horse manure can be dangerous to your dog

Have you ever stopped to consider that the ivermectin you use to treat your horses for parasites could be dangerous to dogs that eat horse manure? We know how dogs love horse manure. So in hindsight, it makes sense that ivermectin in horse manure cou...
by being stray on Feb 25, 2012

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