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Honda Civic Type R Heats Up Hot Hatch Segment

The chatter about “hot hatches” has been going on for some time, and Honda’s new Civic Type R is only going to add fuel to that fire. Speculation is that the new iteration is the best performing Type R in the 22-year history of the car and Hond...
by The Detroit Bureau on Oct 2, 2014

Silver Bullet 356 is der Franken-Porsche

Strange looking as it may be, this one-off “Silver Bullet” 356 Porsche is truly a mash up of Porsches from the past. There’s no doubt Porsches have a distinctive look of all their own that make them instantly recognizable. From the...
by CarsNewsToday on Nov 24, 2012

2011 Volkswagen Golf R

Hot hatches are usually European fad, but 2011 Volkswagen Golf R, Volkswagen GTI-badged products have proven successful in the North American market during the year. This means that VW loyalists will be pleased to know that the 2011 Volkswagen Golf R...

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