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A Week of Historic Hovercraft ‘Firsts’

From Washington D.C. to Arizona, this is a week of hovercraft ‘firsts’ in the U.S.Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear its first hovercraft case in history, Sturgeon v.Masica et al. And, on a lighter side, at the Havasu Balloon Festival in Arizon...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Jan 19, 2016

#Throwback Thursday Hovercraft Video: Vintage Neoteric Hovercraft

Today is Throwback Thursday #TBT and it’s a meme especially suited to Neoteric. As the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer, we have decades of history to share!On this Throwback Thursday, let’s have a glimpse of Neoteric’s third de...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Feb 19, 2015

VIDEO: Neoteric featured on Indiana Outdoor Adventures

Here’s your chance to view one of the most informative hovercraft videos you’ll ever see – and to get a glimpse of the expertise behind Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. and Hovercraft Training Centers, LLC.Indiana Outdoor Adventures, a TV program broa...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on May 2, 2014

Yahoo! Finance features Neoteric Hovercraft in "Breakout Profile"

Neoteric is honored to be featured by Yahoo! Financein its “Breakout Profiles,”  which are dedicated to innovative companies doing extraordinary things. As the media have reported in Neoteric’s recent blast of publicity, Neoteric Hovercraf...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Aug 2, 2013

History of Hovercraft

If you love Hovercrafts then you must be interested in History of Hovercraft. Lets see brief history : [...]...
by Build Your Own Hovercraft on Mar 27, 2013

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