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Why performance feedback is important – for managers and employees

Providing feedback increases employee engagement, so is this something that managers are encouraged to do – at all? And do managers receive any feedback on the feedback they give?
by Manager by Design on Mar 25, 2013

Annual reviews are awesome artifacts that can be used to improve management skills

The annual performance review is an artifact that reveals basic managerial practices, or lack thereof. Use it as such. read more...
by Manager by Design on Oct 10, 2011

Management Design: How managers receive performance feedback compared to other jobs

It’s time that we look closely to see how managers get quality performance feedback. Compared to other careers, both high profile and low profile, it’s pretty bleak. read more...
by Manager by Design on Apr 11, 2011

Entry level jobs receive a lot of performance feedback: What about managers?

Let’s look at some entry-level jobs to see where they get performance feedback. Then lets compare their feedback to where managers get feedback. There’s quite a contrast. read more...
by Manager by Design on Apr 4, 2011

One more option for providing feedback to manager: 3rd Party Assessment and Coaching

Have you ever considered hiring a third party management coach to improve your manager’s skills at people and team management? Here’s are some reasons to consider it. read more...
by Manager by Design on Oct 6, 2010

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