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Interest Rates and Prices

We're most conscious of the price of a home and secondly of the rate at which we borrow money to pay for it. The jump in rates in Canada certainly took home ownership just a little farther from those depending on the historical low rates we'd been s...
by Edmonton Real Estate Investor on Feb 22, 2011

The Deal

Ever wonder what 'The Deal' is? Everybody is always talking about getting a good deal. Sure, we use it in speech meaning, the truth. Other times (like now) we are referring to bargains, real estate or some form of financial win.I work with 3 main Rea...
by Edmonton Real Estate Investor on Feb 18, 2011

Test Drive A REIN Workshop!

Attend a REIN™ Workshop as a VIP Guest... and Get a Rare "Inside Look" at the Longest-Running and Most Successful Real Estate Success Program in CanadaWhenever someone asks me why our members are so successful I tell them it boils down to one very...
by Edmonton Real Estate Investor on Feb 15, 2011

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