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proper ways to apply a listick

many women love to wear red lipstick because it is a color that can pops the shape of a lips and enhance many look.  red lips are the quintessential sexy and classy look but getting it"just right" can take a little hard and turn unexpected mista...
by unwinding moments on Mar 8, 2014

preventing wrinkles

   last year i was turn to an aged of being more conscious and fear of appearing some lines beside my nose and below my eyes,like any other common woman out there i become more careful for the foods and routine to avoid that to be happen.Mo...
by unwinding moments on Feb 2, 2014

maintaining healthy skin and body

you and me want a beautiful skin,but to get or obtain that we all know also that there are thing that we should do if we want our skin looks beautiful and healthy. and after obtaining that beautiful and healthy skin,the problem is! how to maintain th...
by unwinding moments on Oct 15, 2013

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