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Japanese Women Cannot Visit You Many Times without Certain Visa

If you have been corresponding with a Japanese woman for a while, we think it is best for you to come to Japan to meet her in person first instead of her visiting you in the US.The reason is that many of our Japanese female members who have visited h...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 1, 2015

I Met One of MJL’s Male Members in NYC

As I wrote in this blog, I visited New York City in the second week of January. Fortunately, it was a wonderful day: sunny and not too cold.I made an appointment with one of our male members who lives in NYC. He had just returned from his vacation in...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 20, 2014

My Journey to New York City in 2014

I decided to go to New York once a month in 2014.Why?I am looking for single professionals!!!Of course, not for me J since I have a wonderful husband!!!I am looking for gentlemen who want to meet Japanese women for lifelong partnerships. I have been...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 19, 2014

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