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HP LaserJet 4200 4300 4250 4350 - Printing Blank Or Faint Pages

Very faint print, or blank pages, on a HP LaserJet 4200/4300/4250/4350 can be caused by the toner cartridge earth contact on the left hand side of the printer frame coming out of place. You might also notice that the toner cartridge doesn't seem t...
by Printer Repair Tips on Feb 8, 2014

HP LaserJet 4250 4350 - Grinding And Knocking Noise

If you get a grinding and knocking noise from a HP LaserJet 4250 or 4350, the problem is the swing plate assembly and / or fuser. The swing plate assembly is a metal bracket with two plastic gears on it and drives the fuser.The problem is that the...
by Printer Repair Tips on Jan 21, 2014

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