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Stella and Dot

Beautiful glorious fashion jewellery, made by bespoke artisan jewellers. A blog all about ethical fashion houses selling quality garments using sustainable materials with in fashion... Fashion for the Artisan fashion follower.Wishing to save the pl...
by Fashion News on Sep 30, 2012

Stella and Dot style

Stella and Dot is worn by contemporary glitterati, models,contemporary singers and actors. It is a company that sells only on line and through direct sales stylists that host jewellery shows in... Ethical fashion the new way to buy fashion.

Fashion vintage.

There's a big trend coming through of vintage lace items, glorious jewellery pieces called statement pieces. They can create a new look to an old dress, up scaling an outfit . Try Stella and Dot .... fashion eco conscious,ethical and green...
by Organic fashion press on Sep 30, 2012

Stella And Dot.

If you have not heard of Stella and Dot then you have now. A designer lead jewellery range. Fashion accessories,handmade bespoke soft knits to add nostalgic and romantic to your wardrobe.
by Mail Shot for Fashion on Sep 30, 2012

Contemporary jewellery.

Contemporary jewellery is key in today's fashion.Statement pieces are all in Vogue. One company that's very on trend is Stella and Dot. They are an American Company which sell via an online store and... Fashion accessories,handmade bespoke soft knit...
by Mail Shot for Fashion on Sep 30, 2012

Love fashion.

Love the new range from Alice Temperley for Stella and Dot. Jewellery worn by today's glitterati. Soft accessories,bespoke,tailor made.Vintage nostalgic knits to add charm to an outfit.
by Original Sample blog on Sep 30, 2012

Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot are a high end jewellery company that sell direct to the public without using stores. They have a website and they use independent stylist who will exclusively show the new range in the comfort of your own home.
by Artisan Fashion on Sep 30, 2012

Vintage fashion

A great way to shop and it's really easy to accessorise an outfit with some lovely jewellery or some unique soft accessory leather hand bag, new shoes etc. A website that discusses good websites for... vintage and ethical,up cycled fashion.Create a...

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