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Handling negative situations

To feel better, feel worse. How hard is it to keep that sunny outlook going when you are surrounded by negative people? For some reason, we feel we should be above this, that we can maintain our personal dignity despite the environment conspiring to...
by Recharge on Mar 19, 2012

Online Single- Online Date

“Online dating does present people with tremendous opportunities for dating that have not been available in the past, but there are several drawbacks and limitations that people need to be aware of when they use it,” says researcher Harry T. Reis...
by WhatIsHR's blogs on Feb 7, 2012

Walking the talk

Had any courageous conversations lately? Leadership is mostly about managing change. It is easy to lead from the front when you’ve got a following breeze. It’s when you run out of wind that it gets tough: your business slumps; office poli...
by Recharge on Jan 24, 2012

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