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Whole 30 Day 2 & 3

Good Evening!  I’m posting a little late today because I had a full day which included driving across town and running errands, so here I am at 7pm on a Saturday, hanging out with you. Let’s just dive into my huge focus for January which...
by Waves & Wine on Jan 4, 2015

Fitness for February

When I looked back at what I wanted to do for my New Year’s resolutions in 2012, I really beat myself up because I felt I totally fell flat at everything I set out to do. Once I got to thinking about it, resolutions are bound to fail if you ...
by Cashmere & Camo on Feb 19, 2013

A Familiar Feeling

A Familiar FeelingThis feeling is familiar.  It's a good feeling.  It's familiar because it's the same I felt when I first started losing weight successfully.  It makes me smile before I go to sleep and it wakes me with an empowering a...

World's BEST DIET.....Heal Your Own Body NOW...And More

Todays blog could absolutely....without a life changing...for me...and for's all up to us...... Those of you that have been reading a while probably remember the story I told of how Billy sat me down about a year before he was ab...
by A Simple Womans Journal on Oct 1, 2012

School Bullying, Cookie Boxes W/Pics and More

School Bullying, Cookie Boxes W/Pics And More Let's just take our coffee and hot chocolates this mornin' and take an imaginary stroll ..through the woodland paths of my secret garden and just talk a bit....It's been a busy week...."hasn't" it? ...
by A Simple Womans Journal on Sep 29, 2012


Are YOU...HUNGRY FOR CHANGE...In Your Life? was a FINE AND DANDY Howdy Dooody that I woke up to this MORNING! Thank you all very MUCH!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY didn't some of you TELL ME...about the movie "Hungry For Change"? You all KNOW...
by A Simple Womans Journal on Sep 20, 2012

Eating Ourselves To Death – Full Documentary

Source: Published on May 23, 2012 by jagnz1 to YouTube Are you hungry for change? This documentary will show you how. Eating is killing us – eat less, live longer.
by on Jun 30, 2012

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