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How Many Grow Lights Do I Need?

If you have an interior hydroponics set up then it is likely that you will need grow lights to give your plants the light then need. Naturally choosing the right type of grow light will be important but it is also vital that you understand the amount...
by guides for hydroponics farming on Apr 20, 2012

Grow Lights in hydroponics gardening

Along with water, hydroponics plant nutrients, Co2 and oxygen, grow lights is the key basic component, required by plants to live. Providing additional light is necessary for indoor gardening. Furthermore, light should resemble the sunlight as much...
by guides for hydroponics farming on Apr 18, 2012

How Indoor Grow Lights Could Be Useful For Your Garden

Grow lights for plant that are kept in door should aim to produce the most advantageous light for the plant to be exposed to. Naturally, gardening outdoors is the best way to grow, but for people living in a residence that doesn’t have a private ya...
by guides for hydroponics farming on Oct 12, 2011

Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum

Hydroponics Light plays a major part in your success of your hydroponics project. Most hydroponic gardens are indoors and as such they need to have lighting of some kind. While you may be tempted to try using incandescent bulbs and lamps for light in...
by guides for hydroponics farming on Oct 10, 2011

Role of hydroponic and HPS grow lights in the fuller growth of the indoor plants

Some of the gardeners are able to arrange some sunlight for their indoor plants through having enough windows around. If you don’t have such set up, you can use hydroponic grow lights. Fluorescent lights are also used to provide light, which is vit...

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