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What keeps me from driving away

It's been a craptastic week, the receive a letter from the IRS type of craptastic week. So by the time I received the text it should have rolled right off my back. I should have been able to shrug it off. One should reach the point where the awfulne...
by Zoe Rights on Jun 17, 2012

A little drop here and a little drop there

Yes Internet, I had a much better week, thank you for asking. Well except for being visited by the water police. What? The water police? You don't have them in your area? Yes, the neighbor called the water police on me. To be generous I d...
by Zoe Rights on Aug 28, 2010

Cocktail, Stat!

Jesus, Joseph and Mary Internet, I might have have had the most awful day in the existence of bad days. Evah! Between picking up a piece of metal in my tire, to having to go to the dentist and then off to fix said damaged tire and then to...
by Zoe Rights on Aug 25, 2010

Heart of the Sea

So I didn't get my period this month and it's freaking me out. Hell no, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I know for sure I'm not pregnant. How? 1. Mary, Mother of Jesus and I look nothing alike and 2. I had a little snip, snip procedure at 23. I know it's no...
by Zoe Rights on Jul 31, 2010

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