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The New iPad Faces Tougher Competition

When Steve Jobs launched the first iPad in 2010, he did so against a backdrop of uncertainty.Its arrival came with the typical, predictable fanfare: Apple devotees queued around the block to get their hands on it, while technology blogs and news webs...
by Hot Gossip on Mar 8, 2012

White iPad 2 Photos leaked

Hey guy I just got picture from 9-5Mac of iPad 2 By seeing these picture you can clear see that the ipad 2 will be launch in white color. Strange, because we all expecting iPhone 4 in white color. So here, it is our observation by watching the above...
by CrunchiTech on Feb 28, 2011

Apple ipad 2 both black and white images

There are many images coming up for Apple ipad 2 because ipad 2 event is just 1 day far away from us. So still so many people are thinking about ipad color, it is white or black?. Therefore, for those people I create images of ipad in both black and...
by CrunchiTech on Feb 28, 2011

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