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Neoteric Hovercraft makes ice rescues safer

The following article about the Branch County Sheriff's Department's Neoteric rescue hovercraft was published in Michigan's Shoreline Magazine ...Branch County hovercraft can helpmake ice rescues saferby Christy Hart-HarrisSgt. Rick Holtgrave pilots...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Dec 7, 2015

Fire department's Neoteric hovercraft has saved more than 255 people

The North Muskegon Fire Department in Michigan, which has utilized Neoteric rescue hovercraft for three decades, hosted an inaugural statewide Ice Rescue Conference and Education Day Saturday, attended by numerous fire and rescue departments and the...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Feb 2, 2015

DRONE VIDEO: Hovercraft Ice Rescue

You’ve seen the news video of last weekend’s ice rescue practice session with the Perry Clear Creek, White River and Hazleton Fire Department and their Neoteric rescue hovercraft. Now check out this eye-in-the-sky view: excellent drone footage of...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Jan 20, 2015

VIDEO: Neoteric hovercraft practice ice rescue operations

Yesterday Filip Przybysz, Neoteric’s Vice President of Marketing, fell through the ice on a frozen lake – on purpose! Filip took on the role of victim during an ice rescue practice Neoteric and Hovercraft Training Centers conducted Saturday for t...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Jan 18, 2015

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