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fireworks 2016-07-02

Finally, the last of the ''Celebrate Blackfoot" Idaho fire works in July.  ...
by john's stuff on Aug 4, 2016

A few Cows 2016-05-24

An afternoon drive, they were moving some cattle to the summer pastures.
by john's stuff on Aug 4, 2016

More birds 2015-05-18

Market Lake wma Roberts Idaho, last year. great horned owlets. swallow white faced ibis...
by john's stuff on Aug 2, 2016

Birds 2016-07-17

Just some birds, hanging around here and there. Hawks sit on power poles a lot convenient perch with a good view Very young crowsCormorants, on Snake River...
by john's stuff on Aug 1, 2016

Sunsets 2016-07-04 & 05

Sunsets over Blackfoot ID, two different nights.The smoke in the air and some rather weird clouds make for beautiful sunsets.
by john's stuff on Jul 31, 2016

Idaho: Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge

White pelicans on the hunt.Early in the morning Traveler Thirteen and I parted ways in West Yellowstone, Montana and I headed southwest into Idaho. On the way out of town I had close encounters with mule deer and a misguided yellow-bellied marmot who...
by Not as the Crow Flies on Jul 28, 2016

Just birds 2016-07-17

Bird pictures from here and there. dove, my back yard Hawk, on power line Turkey vultures Burrowing owl...
by john's stuff on Jul 28, 2016

Amazing sounds and sights

A few days ago the on-line Telegraph published a video of a 3 month old baby hearing the voice of her mother for the first time. Idaho resident Annabelle Lawrence was born profoundly deaf, but doctors discovered that her auditory nerve … Conti...
by IanChisnall on Jul 27, 2016

Win A £50 Gift Card To Spend At Eternal Collection

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Swarovski Crystal are definitely the fun, glam pal everyone wants to party with!
by Mummy's Got Style on Jul 26, 2016

Full Moon 2016-07-19

Pictures of the full moon rising around the Blackfoot ID area. sunset as the moon  rise to the east moon reflections moon here and there...
by john's stuff on Jul 21, 2016

Yellowstone National Park: The Sequal

Cinnamon Black Bear. Yes, black bears come in different colors. You can tell a black bear from Grizzly by the shape of the snout, the ears, the claws, shoulders, and the butt.I left Granite Creek Ranch rather reluctantly but I had places to go and pe...
by Not as the Crow Flies on Jul 17, 2016

Transitions Program: Aftercare

The Coyote Coast Transition Program supports teens and families in maximizing gains and continuing the momentum established in out-of-home treatment such as, wilderness therapy, rehabilitation programs, residential treatment and therapeutic boarding...
by Horizon Family Solutions on Jul 16, 2016

Weeds and wheat 2016-06-27

Just some pictures around the area of weeds and Grain crops.
by john's stuff on Jul 12, 2016

rainbow 2016-07-09

Saw this rainbow at Jensen Grove, Blackfoot Idaho.(2016-07-11 in Kemmerer WY tonight)...
by john's stuff on Jul 11, 2016

Idaho: Granite Creek Guest Ranch

Getting ready for a ride. I liked it so much here at Granite Creek Ranch that I didn't want to leave.My home for three nights. Waiting for me at the end of the two mile dirt road to the ranch was what I consider paradise: an original homestead c...
by Not as the Crow Flies on Jul 9, 2016

Foot hills flowers 2016-06-22

In the foot hills, between Blackfoot Idaho and the Blackfoot Reservoir, not really mountains, more like Foot Hills. But some really nice wild flowers close to the 6000 ft level.
by john's stuff on Jul 9, 2016

Fireworks 2016-07-02

11 more of the fireworks pictures I took at the Celebrate Blackfoot, Idaho display.
by john's stuff on Jul 8, 2016

Crean Consejo Estatal de Idaho-Engage Cuba

Tomado de: Bohemia Políticos y empresarios de Idaho presentaron el Consejo Estatal de Idaho-Engage Cuba, presidido por el gobernador Butch Otter y que busca presionar al Congreso estadounidense para poner fin a las prohibiciones de viajes y comercio...
by Miradas Encontradas on Jul 8, 2016

Market Lake wma 2016-05-18

More bird pictures from Market Lake wma Roberts Idaho, back in May. White faced Ibis Cinnamon Teal Black-necked Stilt Blue-winged teal Black-crowned Night Heron...
by john's stuff on Jul 6, 2016

Wild Flowers 2016-06-22

Wild flowers seen on a drive up into the foothills east of Blackfoot Idaho.
by john's stuff on Jul 5, 2016

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