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Sunday drive 2016-04-10

Sunday I took a drive around Lava Hot Springs, Soda Springs, Wayan, Freedom, WY, Palisades Reservoir and back home through Idaho Falls. near Lava Hot Springs, ID Blackfoot Reservoir flooded pastures Greys lake wildlife refuge ...
by john's stuff on Apr 13, 2016

Idaho stuff 2016-04-08 Lowman to Stanley

Drove from Boise to home on ID21 and 75 and US93 taking pictures all the way.  These are from around Lowman to the Stanley area. East fork Payette River Warm Springs East Fork Payette river Think this is called Marsh CreekSaw...
by john's stuff on Apr 12, 2016

Idaho stuff 2016-04-08

On Idaho 21, from Boise to Lowman, mostly along Mores Creek. Lucky Peak reservoir Mores Creek bridge Mores CreekSnow bank near the summitready to drop down to Lowman...
by john's stuff on Apr 11, 2016

Fall creek Falls 2016-04-10

Fall Creek, the one that empties into the Snake River near Swan Valley, is running full and the Falls are awsome. fast shutter slow shutter slow shutterthe view from the top of the falls...
by john's stuff on Apr 10, 2016

Am Redfish Lake/Idaho

Redfish Lake Hier kommt die Fortsetzung zu Boise/Idaho und Umgebung Die Redfish Lake Lodge liegt direkt am See selbst und besteht aus mehreren Cabins und einem Haupthaus mit Restaurant und Bar. Hier sind wir jetzt für die nächsten zwei Tage u...
by Princess auf Reisen on Apr 9, 2016

Ankunft in Boise/Idaho und unterwegs im Umland

Irgendwo in Idaho Stanley Mein erster Post über Boise Idaho ist bereits online und macht den Anfang meines Reiseberichts über meine Reise nach Idaho. HIER könnt ihr ihn lesen. Die Anreise von Deutschland nach Idaho ist anstrengend, denn es lie...
by Princess auf Reisen on Apr 9, 2016

Water foul 2015-04-01

Market lake wma a year ago, couple of rather strange  birds. I originally thought this was a Gadwall Duck I am now inclined to believe it is an American Wigeon. Pied-billed Grebe(2016-04-06 in Elko NV tonight)...
by john's stuff on Apr 6, 2016

More bird pictures 2016-04-05

Some bird Pictures from the Market Lake wma in Idaho and a couple from the parking lot in Wendover Nevada. Mallard duck Canadian goose Common Grackle(2016-04-05 I am in Elko NV tonight)...
by john's stuff on Apr 5, 2016

Market Lake wma 2016-04-01

I can almost always find something to take a picture of at the Market Lake wildlife management area, at Roberts Idaho. Double-crested Cormorant Snow geese Long-eared owl Northern Saw-whet owl (new box) Long-eared owl was very...
by john's stuff on Apr 4, 2016

Afternoon drive 2016-03-30

Took a drive down by American Falls Reservoir to check out how full it is.. suppose to be 81% I use this as my guage, when the reservoir is 100% full this is only a ripple in the lake.
by john's stuff on Apr 2, 2016

Media Sidelining Sanders?

After the March 15th primary results were in, the media was filled with banner headlines of Clinton’s crushing victories in all five states that were in play, making it seem as though Bernie Sanders’ “Little Engine That Could” campaign had fi...
by The Charlie Musgrove Report on Mar 27, 2016

Easter campfire 2016-03-27

Easter picnic on the big Desert, near Atomic City Idaho, here is the campfire. I love sitting around a campfire, especially on cold blustery days.
by john's stuff on Mar 27, 2016

Market Lake 2016-03-24

Checking out Market Lake wma, Roberts Idaho this a couple of pictures. Canadian geese not sure what Think this is the Lesser Scaup Hooded MerganserHooded Merganser...
by john's stuff on Mar 24, 2016

An afternoon drive 2015-05-10

Just a short drive around Springfield Idaho. Western kingbird family of Badgers Magpieinteresting clouds(I am in winnemucca NV 2016-03-13)...
by john's stuff on Mar 13, 2016

Idaho stuff 2016-02-27

From Monida, Montana to Dubois Idaho along Interstate 15.before the snow started to melt. young bald eagleparent to the young eagle(2016-03-12 I am in elko NV tonight)...
by john's stuff on Mar 12, 2016

Market lake wma 2016-03-11

Things are thawing out at Market Lake wildlife management area near Roberts Idaho. Canadian geese Tundra swans   (?) robin Long-eared owl...
by john's stuff on Mar 11, 2016

Snow geese 2015-03-09

Last year, snow geese at Market Lake wma Roberts Idaho. these are swans...
by john's stuff on Mar 10, 2016

Idaho stuff 2014-12-09

About two years ago, McTucker Creek, Springfield , Idaho.  This a nice place to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors, at least when the mosquitoes are gone. ponds left from gravel mining spring fed creek year round water plants&nbs...
by john's stuff on Mar 10, 2016

Idaho stuff 2015-02-17

Last year near and around American Falls. Sunbeam road Garden road Snake River American falls dam old grain elevator in American Falls Reservoir...
by john's stuff on Mar 8, 2016

McTucker creek 2015-02-12

McTucker creek is a spring fed creek that empties into the Snake River near Springfield ID.  it has year round water plants growing in it.(2016-03-07 home from bozeman MT)...
by john's stuff on Mar 7, 2016

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