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Afternoon drive, 2015-02-14

Last year on  a drive from Henry ID to Freedom Wyoming and back home along the Palisades Reservoir. Near Grey's lake  Grey's lake area past Wayan, ID Tin Cup Creek Just before Idaho/Wyoming border ID34 highway.Palis...
by john's stuff on Feb 10, 2016

Deer 2016-02-05

Some deer pictures from along the Wolverine Road and the Blackfoot River area.  (Idaho)can you spot the buck...
by john's stuff on Feb 8, 2016

Birds 2015-06-06

On a drive around the local area of Springfield Idaho. eastern Kingbird Western Kingbird Killdeer Think this is a Swainson's hawk.
by john's stuff on Feb 7, 2016

Idaho Stuff 2015-07-01

An afternoon drive around Bancroft Idaho, and the Blackfoot Reservoir on Government Dam road. canola field Blackfoot Reservoir Meadow lark...
by john's stuff on Feb 6, 2016

Deer 2016-02-05

Took a drive out Wolverine road, east of Blackfoot.  The deer were everywhere, even in the middle of the road. large herd of deer Standing in the road...
by john's stuff on Feb 5, 2016

Idaho stuff 2014-12-09

Pictures from Camas nwr, MudLake  and McTucker Creek, Springfield Idaho. Jack rabbit White tail deer swans ??  Ferruginous Hawk...
by john's stuff on Feb 3, 2016

Idaho stuff 2014-11-25

Just driving around the Atomic City Area, looking for a nice picture.
by john's stuff on Feb 2, 2016

Minidoka 2014-11-24

Very small town called Min idoka, Idaho.  ...
by john's stuff on Feb 1, 2016

Blackfoot Reservoir 2014-10-18

More than a year ago, the Blackfoot River and Reservoir, SE Idaho.
by john's stuff on Jan 31, 2016

Wolverine Canyon 2014-10-29

Pictures from Wolverine Canyon, a nice scenic drive close to Blackfoot Idaho.
by john's stuff on Jan 30, 2016

Afternoon drive 2015-01-22

Last year a short drive in the afternoon, only about 30 miles and back.  Springfield, ID.
by john's stuff on Jan 29, 2016

Across the desert 2015-07-06

A drive on the desert road from Carey Idaho to Kimama, Minidoka, and Neely areas. lava rock pretty flat, but mostly lava sheep herder's marker Kimama water tower from when trains needed water every few miles Minidoka tow...
by john's stuff on Jan 26, 2016

full moon 2016-01-24

Moon shown through the clouds for a while before the fog moved in.
by john's stuff on Jan 25, 2016

Bancroft 2015-07-01

Driving down around Bancroft Idaho and Ten Mile Pass. Old buildings along Ten Mile RoadMoney pit ranch...
by john's stuff on Jan 24, 2016

Bird pictures 2015-01-01

Year ago drive around Springfield ID. Pheasant Hawkbunch of hawks...
by john's stuff on Jan 23, 2016

Pass Creek Road 2015-07-15

The road from the Little Lost River Valley to the Big Lost River Valley, Pass Creek Pass. Basicly up Wet Creek and down Pass Creek.  You end up near Mackay Idaho.
by john's stuff on Jan 22, 2016

Sawmill Canyon 2015-07-15

Sawmill Canyon between the Lost River mountain range and the Lemhi Range, between Patterson and Howe Idaho. A scenic canyon. Bell Mountain road to Lemhi Valley, not recommended for cars.
by john's stuff on Jan 21, 2016

Owls 2015-02-13

Some owl pictures from Market Lake wma, Roberts Idaho, last February. Northern Saw-whet Owl Long-eared owl...
by john's stuff on Jan 19, 2016

Idaho Stuff 2015-08-05

An afternoon drive from Arimo, ID to Arbon Valley via Robin and Garden Creek Road and Rattlesnake road. Grain field  old farmstead Dragon fly Hawk Safron Soy bean...
by john's stuff on Jan 18, 2016

Idaho Stuff 2015-08-31

Late August drive, from Arbon Valley up Knox Canyon down Big Canyon and into American Falls. Arbon Valley Knox Canyon coming down Big Canyon Near Rockland American Falls Reservoir Near Aberdeen IDGreat Blue Heron...
by john's stuff on Jan 17, 2016

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