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My first craft show - Results!

Whew. I actually needed a bit of a vacation after that. My several months of hard work paid off and my first craft fair was a success! I'll share in a later post all of the things I learned dipping my toe in the craft show business. But, for now, her...
by Viva Revival on Jun 26, 2012

Custer's Last Stand Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my very first craft show! It's Custer's Last Stand in Evanston, IL. We set up tonight at 7! I woke up this morning feeling pretty calm. But, I can feel a little anxiety slowing trickling in. I feel a little like I've had a few cups of co...
by Viva Revival on Jun 15, 2012

Travel Post Friday: Comfort Inn helps travelers plug in

You know how it is when you carry a lot of electronic and electrical gizmos. Phone. Laptop. Tablet/iPad. Music player/iPod. Camera. Video Camera. We’ve all done it….the Bend-Look-Crawl-The-Floor dance as we poke around an unfamiliar hotel...

Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

The city of Chicago, steered for years by privatization-happy Democrats Richard Daley and now Rahm Emanuel, has been heading down a similar path. Of the 11 new schools the city has built under a $1 billion program since 2006, 9 have no kitchen facili...
by What IS Working on May 29, 2012

A Perfect Illinois Car Buying Guide for Buying That Perfect Car

Fads come and go. What stays forever is style. Cars are so stylish that the entire nation of America is attracted to it. So much so that the automotive industry has been the centre of almost every financial decision. When it comes to loving cars, Ill...
by Rock Watson on Apr 28, 2012

What Documents Are Required For Financing and Buying A Car in Chicago?

There were times when horse carriages made a statement. Today, cars are in style. And by the look of it, cars are going to be here forever. Chicagoans are car-crazy like everyone else in America. Driving a car provides a great adrenaline rush. The Ci...
by Rock Watson on Apr 28, 2012

L’Era Glaciale Il Villaggio: ecco il nuovo gioco gratuito per iOS e Android

Da pochi giorni è disponibile per le piattaforme iOS e Android il nuovo gioco di Gameloft L’Era Glaciale: Il Villaggio. Nel gioco, sviluppato da Blue Sky Studios e Fox Digital Entertainment, vengono mostrate alcune anticipazioni del nuovo capi...
by TecnoCellulare on Apr 23, 2012

A Vertical Garden Feeds 10,000+ Visitors to Chicago O'Hare Airport

John of Growing Your Greens has been busy in Chicago. No sooner does he post a video of an old meat packing plant morphing into a gigantic vertical farm and food processing facility, than we also get a visit to an urban garden that is bang in the mid...
by What IS Working on Apr 16, 2012

In an Old Chicago Meat Plant, Greens and Fish Grow

On the third floor of an old meat-packing plant is a humid hothouse filled with rows of greens and sprouts, even exotic white strawberries. Nearby, in large barrels swim dozens of tilapia, fish native to tropical regions.   "The Plant" is a...
by What IS Working on Apr 15, 2012

10 Coal-Fired Power Plants Shuttered

Christmas came on Leap Day for anti-coal activists. On Wednesday, two Midwestern utilities announced the closure of a total of ten aging coal plants, including two intercity Chicago plants that have long been a focal point for environmental groups.
by What IS Working on Mar 1, 2012

Southern Illinois Deal Louie's P&R Herrin, IL

Have you ever been to Louie's P&R in Herrin? They are a premier Italian Deli that was established in the late 1890s! It has had several owners over the years but it is currently owned and operated by Louie's son Tony and his wife, Alisa. ...
by Scraps of Life on Mar 1, 2012

IKEA powers electric vehicles with solar energy

IKEA now plans to bring rooftop solar power to 85 per cent of its stores and distribution centres in the United States. Installation of arrays and electric car charging sites continues apace with one each completed since the first of the year. The c...
by What IS Working on Feb 25, 2012

il Meteo per iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad: previsioni sempre a portata di mano

Visto il tempo di questi giorni serve sempre tenere sotto controllo il meteo e grazie all’applicazione il Meteo per iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad è possibile farlo. L’applicativo è davvero ben fatto e permette di controllare il meteo per i...
by TecnoCellulare on Feb 21, 2012

U.S. Midwest Jobs Return :: Cars :: Applesauce :: Mining

From northern Michigan’s iron mines to Pennsylvania’s natural-gas fields, the industrial heartland of America is humming with jobs again as a region once left for dead recovers faster than the rest of the U.S. The turnaround may shape this year...
by What IS Working on Feb 7, 2012

Chrysler to add 1,600 workers at Illinois plant

Chrysler Group LLC will announce next week it will hire more than 1,600 workers to an Illinois assembly plant, signaling the start of a hiring blitz that promises to add thousands of workers to the auto maker's plants over the next three years.
by What IS Working on Feb 4, 2012

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