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Chronology of Onset of Mental Disorders and Physical Diseases in Mental-Physical Comorbidity - A National Representative Survey of Adolescents

Background The objective was to estimate temporal associations between mental disorders and physical diseases in adolescents with mental-physical comorbidities. Methods  This article bases upon weighted data (N = 6483) from the National Comor...
by PolygenicBlog on Dec 14, 2016

Another Holiday Guest Article. The Meyer Family Support Him As Media Spins His Gambling Addiction & Prison.

Happy Holidays and Welcome Recovery Friends,   . So The Media Portrays a Father and Husband  Like THIS:   “Day of Reckoning for Crooked Accountant” . “A Long Island accountant may spend up to 13 years in prison for steali...

Thank You to ‘Keys To Recovery News’ for Printing My Holiday Article! I am Honored.

Hello and Happy Holidays Recovery Friends, I am very Happy and Honored that the recovery publication “Keys To Recovery Newspaper”  a FREE recovery newspaper  by  way, has printed a Holiday Article I wrote about “Gambling Addicti...

Jinshin Jyutsu for Fibromyalgia and CFIDS – REJUVENATE

Jinshin Jyutsu for Fibromyalgia and CFIDS - Jinshin Jyutsu is a style of acupressure that is offered at REJUVENATE in Taipei. It involves the application of the hands for balancing energy in the body. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Sep 3, 2016

The Traveling Spoon: Vegan eating in Cape Town

Hidden Vegan Gems in Cape TownI love discovering new restaurants, especially when I can order anything off the menu!Here are the top three places I found on my latest trip to Cape Town.Nomad ( was no better experienc...
by Snowflakes and spoons on Aug 31, 2016

Where to Find Immediate Support During a Chronic Pain Crisis

Do you feel like you just can't take it anymore? You're not alone. If you're having a chronic pain crisis and need immediate support, click here.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 29, 2016

How To Stay Healthy During Hot Summer Days

Hi everyone. Summer season in the USA is winding down and with that comes a ton of outdoor events. Combine those fun-filled events with warmer/hotter temperatures and you can easily overdo it without realizing it. You need to learn how to be healthy...
by Booktoots' Healing on Aug 27, 2016

My Flare Survival Kit

This is my flare survival kit, which includes medications, supplements, and things I need to make myself comfortable when flares hit suddenly. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Aug 25, 2016

Could you have a Mental Illness?

By David Joel Miller. You think you might have a mental illness, what should you do? Have you ever thought that you were someone close to you might have a mental illness?  Being faced with mental illness doesn’t mean you’re … Continue read...
by counseolrssoapbox on Aug 24, 2016

More Details On Former Head Of State Mwai Kibaki’s Illness Revealed

Retired President Mwai Kibaki was Sunday evening flown to South Africa for specialized therapy aboard a chartered flight. This came after the former Head of State spent Saturday night and the better part of Sunday at the Karen Hospital, where he was...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Aug 22, 2016

What Is A Flare?

A friend recently asked me, "What is a flare?" Flares are a sudden increase in symptoms from my normal day-to-day levels of energy, fatigue and pain. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Aug 21, 2016

To work or not to work?

Why is work important?As occupational therapists, we regard individuals as occupational beings that benefit from active engagement in meaningful occupation 1. A meaningful occupation does not need to be paid or formal employment. The key here is...
by Snowflakes and spoons on Aug 18, 2016

Why Cosmetics and Chronic Illness Don’t Mix

If you're living with a chronic illness, it is very important to learn about the dangerous chemicals in cosmetics. Use pure cosmetics only.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 15, 2016

Recovering from glandular fever makes me a bad mum

Writing this post is hard. Harder than I thought as it really increases the mummy guilt that we all too often feel about anything and anything. I write this with a heavy heart. Hard to admit it. I am sad. I have two incredible children, easy to look...
by Training Mummy on Aug 10, 2016

My Recovery Guest Article of the Week. Trauma and Healing.

Healing after Trauma ~ By Christine Hill Trauma isn’t a new or unique story in the world today. In fact, some psychologists have stated that we have an epidemic of trauma in our society, without the tools to recover from it. Trauma can be any even...

MAKING A LIFE: A mid-life recovery from anxiety and depression

I decided to try some short-term therapy when I realized I was close to considering suicide. Six years later, I was done. Or so I […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living []...
by The Mindful Word on Aug 8, 2016

Spoonies: Why You Should Go to the Doctor Looking Like Sh*t

Want to get your doctor to finally take you seriously about your chronic illness? Show up to his office looking (and smelling) like sh*t.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 8, 2016

Planning For The Best Medical Attention

Humans have not yet found the way to ensure immortality, but the advancements of modern medicine are such that , much of our life expectancy , and the quality of curative and palliative care we receive ,and ultimately our quality of life depends on...
by Wealthymatters on Aug 5, 2016

Ventral Hernias Houston

It is estimated that at least 90,000 operations are needed every year in the United States to correct ventral hernias. The types of these defects that exist include umbilical, epigastric, incisional and inguinal hernias. All of them are located in va...
by The Best Blog Online on Jul 30, 2016

Temperatures And Oblumi Tapp Family Thermometer – Review

  Having three children, I’ve seen my fair share of illnesses from the chicken pox to the febrile convulsions Lucas used to take. I know how important it is to keep an eye o a child’s temperature when they are ill. With Lucas he ha...
by SusanKMann on Jul 29, 2016

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