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Vivian Maier, Two men sitting  ...
by on Apr 17, 2012

Sunday Eye Candy

  Apparently,  today is the day of eye candy,  of looking and enjoying a bit of male flesh on display.  So it would seem that we are going to have a choice of beef to watch in the cinema,  two movies starring the super-sexy M...
by The Rainbow Post on May 8, 2011

David Beckham Takes The Boys To The Beach

  David Beckham enjoys a day at the beach with his 3 sons Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz. The boys tried a bit of boogie-boarding and David took a few snapshots. Cruz got buried in the sand up to his neck. April 16, 2011. Continue for the photos.
by The Rainbow Post on Apr 17, 2011

US politicians play solitaire in chamber.

House Minority Leader pictured standing, far right, speaks while colleagues  play solitaire Monday night as the House convened to vote on a new budget. (AP) The guy sitting in the row in front of these two....he's on Facebook, and the guy behin...
by The Rainbow Post on Apr 14, 2011

Facebook Image of the Week: Zabrak Inquisitor

BioWare have posted a new Facebook Image of the Week. The story of the image is: "The sound of this Zabrak Inquisitor’s lightsaber will be among the last an unsuspecting enemy patrol hears." Enjoy:...
by The Old Republic on Feb 23, 2011

Top Totty

Thinking of summer! 2011 Copyright Jason ShawCome back and check more details soon!
by GWN Gay World News Blog on Feb 3, 2011

Image of the week: Meramec River at Sullivan, Missouri

Visit this very spot on the Meramec River.
by Missouri Permaculture on Jan 25, 2011

Artistry of Male

There are some blogs that delight, then there are some that inform,  you also have some that entertain, a few are there to inspire thought and contemplation.  However, very  few can combine all those functions in one exquisitely produc...
by GWN Gay World News Blog on Jan 12, 2011

Image of the Week : Church of Saint Paul, Paris

I have decided to add a new feature here at My Melange. Every week, I will select one of my images from my online gallery and share a little story behind it. This week, the featured image is the Church of Saint-Paul. And, for this week only, any purc...
by My Melange on Dec 3, 2009

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