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[girls und panzer] type 3 medium tank chi-nu

El  Tanque Medio Tipo 3 Chi-Nu  era un tanque medio japonés, construido como una solución stopgag para combatir el tanque M4 Sherman americano durante la invasión planeada de Japón, nunca vio combate real. Agregado a la Ooarai Girls Hig...
by DePapercraftBlog on Dec 25, 2013

[girls und panzer] type 89 I-Go duck team

El Duck Team está formado por miembros del club de voleibol de Ooarai High School Girls. El equipo cuenta con un tanque japonés Type 89 I-Go . Encontraron el Tipo 89 en un acantilado dentro de una cueva. La primera pintada fue con lemas e imágenes...
by DePapercraftBlog on May 11, 2013

Struggle for Korea. First Sino-Japanese War

Map of the BattlesThe First Sino–Japanese War, from August 1, 1894 – April 17, 1895, was fought between Qing Dynasty of China and the Meiji of Japan, mostly over control of Korea. After more than six months...
by Unifiniti - World History on May 9, 2013

A symbol of American Pride, to be honored and respected

Usually, I only post one historical event a week.  This week, though, had something that I couldn’t overlook. Many of you may agree with me, this single photograph saying so much about American Pride and dedication as words could never do. On...
by At Your Fingertips on Feb 23, 2011

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