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Foods that Improve Memory

Foods that Improve Memory.The food we consume daily a direct impact on the way we do things, but above all influence the prevention of certain physical or mental illnesses.As embodied studies have shown that there are certain foods that can help impr...
by How to lose Weight in a Week on Nov 16, 2015

Every Kid Has Their Currency: A Story of Persistence and the Bathroom Lights

by John and DianeI want to share a little story with you about the bathroom lights.My (adopted) son "Steve" is now in his mid teens, but still suffers the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and has devastating memory issues. His long term memory...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Aug 1, 2015

Music Can Boost Your Memory

Neuroscience for Kids - The Musical Brain Your brain somehow makes sense of music and allows you to make the ... These vibrations can be caused by voices, musical instruments or by objects hitting ... to show that listening to classical music could i...
by blogs for women on May 5, 2015

Brain Revitalizer Discount

Brain Revitalizer program is designed to gain the full potential of our brain by training our brain using the most powerful, yet natural techniques for boosting memory and mental acuity.
by Discount Signals on May 2, 2015

Brain Booster Guide Discount

Brain Booster Guide will teach you the secrets on how you can protect your brain and even improve your memory 1000% naturally and without any medical treatments.
by Discount Signals on Mar 24, 2015

Audio Oxygen: Digital Oxygen Therapy For Oxygenating the Brain and Body...

Here’s the latest from Eric Thompson’s big brain and big heart. I think you and your...
by I Am Infinite Eternal... on Jan 27, 2014

Facts Behinds Caffeinated Drinks Improve Memory

Facts Behinds Caffeinated Drinks Improve Memory Need to remember something important today? What are the effect of Caffeinated Drinks on brain or memories? A new research discovers whether it is coffee, tea, or even soft beverages, caffeinated drinks...
by Ayurvedic Home Remedies on Jan 14, 2014

5 Best Tips for Memory Improvement

Here are 5 best tips for memory improvement. Think fast: can you remember what you had for lunch? How about the last book you read? [...]...
by How To Learn on Nov 12, 2013

Is Neurofeedback the Solution for Your Child? Follow Our Journey: Part 6 The Final Report

 The below post is from our friend “Marie.” She is sharing her story with us as she tries a brain-retraining program (neurofeedback) with her daughter who has ADD and severe memory issues.  This will be an ongoing series following their...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Sep 25, 2013

Improve Memory – Strengthen Concentration – Boost IQ – Increase Focus

Discover How To Intensify Your Focus, Strengthen Your Concentration, Improve Your Memory, Boost Your IQ And Awaken The Unused 98% Of Your Infinite Brain Power In As Little As 30 Days! New personal development and self help breakthrough scientifically...
by Curb Shop Review on May 5, 2013

How to Repair Furniture Likes a

Theres really no need for you to always employ professional help each and every time your furniture requires repair. First of all, it may be extremely expensive and second of all, its never advisable to own visitors generally arriving and from your h...
by Article Technology on Apr 26, 2013

The best time to think!

Here is a little tip for you, the brain is a complex thing. It is just waiting for you to go to the bathroom, and urinate, because the brain works better at this time. So if you have a problem to solve, I bet you solve it in the bathroom having a wee...
by Natural cures on Jan 23, 2013

Foods and fruits that help you improve your memory

As the years pass, there is a degenerative effect on the brain that presents difficulties remembering things. Although it is a natural process, there are many ways to stimulate memory. Consumption of certain foods can help you keep better and prevent...

How to Improve Memory Power ? | Top 5 Tips

How to Improve Memory Power ? | Top 5 Tips Are you a college or a school student? And having problem that you cannot keep the things in your mind for long time and forget before examination? You... .
by allgovtjobs on Dec 30, 2012

Medical uses of lecithin

Lecithin is a generic term to designate any group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues composed of phosphoric acid, choline, fatty acids, glycerol, glycolipids, triglycerides, an...
by Natural cures on Oct 31, 2012

Apply This Guidance To Your Life To Aid You With Your Memory

Are you having trouble recollecting crucial dates, names, or things in general? Do you want help in improving your memory and recall? We have lots of advice and systems that can help you improve your memory. With our info, you'll be able to build...
by Weight Loss Forever on May 17, 2012

Ultimate Memory Announces Campaign to Improve Aptitude of American Schoolchildren.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 19, 2012 Having already dominated the market with their impressive self-improvement software, Ultimate Memory today announced a special campaign aiming to improve the mental capacity of American schoolchildren. Marc S...

How To Increase Concentration And Crack PMT ?

On request of our reader Shruti Gupta we uploaded video on how to increase concentration so that you can have a sharp – strong memory. This video has been shot during night with mobile light so you will be able to see face only. Here we have tr...
by on Apr 15, 2012

How To Improve Your Memory Information and Suggestions?

The human brain is very complex, and memories are stored in different parts of it in terms of focus, concentration, and for how long a person devoted to studying a piece of information. It takes about eight seconds on average in the concentration bef...
by Information Dam on Mar 19, 2012

What You Know About: Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory - Step-By-Step Instructions

Get Real About: Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory - Step-By-Step Instructions If you make the necessary effort, you can greatly increase the power of your memory. We've all seen memory experts on TV who are able to perform incredible … Continue...

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