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Women in Translation Month a Success: 6 Next Steps

We're losing women writers in translation at every stage. #WiTMonth was a success, but where do we go next?
by Book Riot on Aug 26, 2016

Why All This Love for Saddam Hussein’s New Novella?

A critique of the buzz surrounding Saddam Hussein's novella, and suggestions for other Iraqi novels to read.
by Book Riot on Jul 29, 2016

100 Must-Read Books Translated From French

Excellent novels translated from French.
by Book Riot on Jul 25, 2016

Christ’s Entry Into Brussels by Dimitri Verhulst

   Source: Free review copy received from publisher Translated from the Dutch by David Colmer Five words from the blurb: Jesus, Belgium, publicity, welcoming, committee Christ’s Entry Into Brussels is a novella that satirises modern society b...
by Farm Lane Books Blog on Jun 8, 2016

A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler

 Source: Library Translated from the German by Charlotte Collins Longlisted for 2016 MAN Booker International Prize Five words from the blurb: mountain, valley, change, solitude, great A Whole Life is only 150 pages long, but it contains a beautiful...
by Farm Lane Books Blog on Apr 28, 2016

English Language Privilege: On Translation and Culture

I speak four different languages, which opens up my literary world a whole bunch. I often think about how differently ... The post English Language Privilege: On Translation and Culture appeared first on BOOK RIOT.
by Book Riot on Mar 18, 2016

In Translation: January Fiction and Poetry

This first “In Translation” post of 2016 is brought to you by Denmark, Japan, Russia, and Finland, and by 208, which is the number of pages in THREE OUT OF FOUR of the books I’ve highlighted here. That was not … Continued The...
by Book Riot on Jan 18, 2016

Snow White Does But Walt Disney

The first in an occasional series which examines the problems inherent in language acquisition, context and meaning by the use of a crap anecdote. Once upon a time, I was in Spain sitting at the table with my wife’s family … Continue read...
by Sitting Comfortably? on Nov 20, 2015

Queens of Crime: Argentina

I’ve set off on a trip around the world—via female crime writers. When last we met, I was in Norway—now, I’ve jumped oceans, hemispheres, and several time zones over to Argentina! Claudia Piñeiro Piñeiro is AWESOME. Her books are dark, R...
by Book Riot on Oct 28, 2015

Book Review: The Big Bad Book Of Bill Murray

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray A Monumental Study of the World's Greatest Actor Paperback | Kindle By Robert Schnakenberg Quirk Books Release date: September 15, 2015A great, small coffee table tome has just been released called The Big, Bad Bo...
by Geeks of Doom on Sep 15, 2015

In Translation: September Fiction and Poetry

Yup, it’s September already- time to binge on school supplies and set some academic goals and look forward to winter break. What better way to start the fall than by reading some great fiction and poetry in translation?! This month … Cont...
by Book Riot on Sep 3, 2015

Queens of Crime: Norway

I’ve set off on a trip around the world—via female crime writers. First stop, canned mackerel for breakfast, fjords, and lots and lots of sweaters: that’s right, we’re in Norway! Anne Holt The Hanne Wilhelmsen series was actually introduced t...
by Book Riot on Aug 25, 2015

Happy “Women in Translation” Month!

August is “Women in Translation Month” (#WITMonth), and we should thank Meytal Radzinski (@Biblibio) for hosting and promoting this awareness effort on her blog. As Meytal notes (and I myself have tweeted and written), a disproportionatel...
by Book Riot on Aug 17, 2015

Fine Visuals : Lost in Translation (2003)

When talking about feeling lonely in another country, you might think about Lost in Translation (2003), the second feature film by Sofia Coppola. I think... The post Fine Visuals : Lost in Translation (2003) appeared first on Inspired Ground.
by Inspired Ground on Jul 5, 2015

Two Wonderful Novellas in Translation

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher Translated from the Norwegian by Agnes Scott Langeland Professor Andersen’s Night by Dag Solstad Five words from the blurb: alone, sees, murder, indecision, moralist Professor Andersen’s...
by Farm Lane Books Blog on Jun 18, 2015

5 Books That Changed My Relationship to Animals

There is a farm in my hometown where I used to volunteer, and when I’m in town I often find myself driving back toward it, pulling up to the red barns, jumping out to greet the pigs and chickens. Life has … Continued You just finished...
by Book Riot on May 13, 2015

Colorless Tsukuru and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

 Shortlisted for the 2015 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel Five words from the blurb: friends, school, death, connections, reason Tsukuru is 36, but as a teenager he was part of a group of five friends...
by Farm Lane Books Blog on May 9, 2015

Out in the Open by Jesús Carrasco

 Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa Five words from the blurb: boy, hiding, violence, landscape, goatherd Out in the Open is a short, but powerful book about a boy who runs away from home. Whilst avoiding a search party, he meets an...
by Farm Lane Books Blog on May 5, 2015

In Translation: April Fiction and Poetry

April showers bring awesome translations…that’s how the expression goes, right? RIGHT. This month, keep an eye out for the following works from Italy, France, Korea, and Switzerland. And thanks to your input on my ongoing “In Transl...
by Book Riot on Apr 2, 2015

3 On A YA Theme: Short Books

I just finished rereading Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak. I read it when I was 16 and wanted to revisit it now, at 30, to see how I felt about it now. Among the other things I picked up from the reread … Continued You just finished read...
by Book Riot on Apr 1, 2015

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