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Correction to Yesterday’s Blog

I must apologize.  When I wrote my article about Incredible People and Their Blogs, I didn’t check the links after I had added them.  My apologies go out to Susan at Finding Our Way Now and Lois at Living Simply … Continue reading ͛...
by searching for the happiness on Dec 15, 2012

Incredible People: Henry Miller (The Dog)

This photo doesn’t capture the joy Henry typically expresses when my running shoes come out.  I’m not sure why. I know he’s not a person but starting an ‘Incredible Animals’ page seemed weird. Besides the obvious signs...
by Plot Curve on Dec 7, 2010


It’s difficult stringing together the perfect line about Caridad because my experience in knowing her is visceral; low to the ground.  She’s better defined as a sound: a chiming, bell ringing, slow whistle that moves through your bones a...
by Plot Curve on Nov 1, 2010

Jean Pierre

He creates the specials, seats the guests, pours the wine and holds the babies.  He’s a fisherman and mushroom forager; a father, a brother and the boss.  He’s so casual in all these jobs you might think it’s easy.  It’s no...
by Plot Curve on Oct 19, 2010


    She’s a professional Chef and dressed as one last Halloween.   This seemed normal until her two-year old daughter came in close behind–dressed as a duck.  I’m sure it was innocent, but we talked about Duck Confit the rest of th...
by Plot Curve on Oct 12, 2010

Incredible People

At first I was going to call this addition ‘Person of the Day.’  But that might signify something I’d post on daily, which seemed a little ambitious.  I settled on ‘Incredible People,’ because the people you’ll f...
by Plot Curve on Oct 7, 2010

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