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Form of a Letter of Indemnity

Here is a form of Letter of Indemnity - Indemnity Bond. A bank account holder died intestate leaving behind some amount in his bank account without nominating any person. The sole legal heir of said account holder- who has not obtained either success...
by on Oct 14, 2012

Priya’s Story

Here is a story I came across on the internet today.Thought I’d share it with you. Few things I learned after Mithun: We always believe we will live forever. Bad things always happen to others. Only when things hit us bang on your head you real...
by Wealthymatters on Aug 20, 2012

My Guide to Liability Insurance

My Guide to Liability Insurance However, you can save money by outsourcing because you won’t be paying for employer payroll tax expense (FICA, FUTA and SUTA) workman’s compensation and general liability insurances, pass time, sick time, h...
by imoneytalks on Jan 3, 2012

Why Choose Liability Insurance

Why Choose Liability Insurance We were required to carry basic liability insurance, which had gone unpaid and lapsed, for starters. There are a number of liability insurance programs to choose. From a professional prospective, you should also obtain...

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