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Maharashtra ka khana

Many, many years ago, while I was still in school, summer vacations meant time to travel (just like it is with school-goers today!). One such vacation was spent travelling to... The post Maharashtra ka khana appeared first on NOTJUSTASHOPPER.
by Notjustashopper on Jun 2, 2016


                           Only Absurd Is MeaningfulI do not know what went wrong. It has stopped flying. It was made to fly. I had few wonderful journeys on it. I do not know anyo...
by Author's Diction on Aug 10, 2015

Now Hiring : Be A Part of This Awesome Community

Are you a student, housewife, blogger, expert, writer, social ninja, photographer … who is interested in joining this Community and Earn ?  Well you are in the right place, Beauty and the Best is a community for talented and creative minds.  ...
by beauty and the best on Feb 23, 2015

The Daulatabad Fort–A Dangerous Death Trap

Why were forts built? Was it for showing prominence? If it was only for a residence, is it necessary for the fort being such massive? Or was it just out of fear of death? All these thoughts came to my mind as I stood outside the Daulatabad Fort, wai...

Top Sites For The Ladies

I am huge fashion freak, since many years. The catwalks really inspire me to dress like the Indian Lady Gaga!Recommended DIY girlsa pair & spare Geneva focuses on the fashion aspect of the do it yourself.         &nb...
by A Girl Behind The Laptop on Feb 23, 2012

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