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Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Maybe it’s just simple math.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 25, 2016

The Grandfather Horse: When Animals Have Pets…

I have a bone to pick with my Grandfather Horse. He stole my goat.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Nov 13, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

An autumn shrubbery, ornate as a paisley tapestry, is gone on the wind, Rustling ahead of a polar flip toward winter’s invariant prairie. Hurry Spring. Just as quick.   Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. (WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prom...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Nov 8, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

I hope he haunts me forever.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 31, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic.

The best barn cats are monochromatic; they blend in. Unobtrusive lurkers, they’re the color of dirt, hay, and shadow. A bright colored calico is an easy target for a hawk, but a tabby…well, rodents beware. This pair are siblings; it’...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Sep 14, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration.

Just a Horse.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Aug 3, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

I have pounded on some mighty doors and been locked out of others. I’ve even kicked a few in. I can literally see my hand, in my mind’s eye, turn the knob. Some were doors to unknown opportunity and healing and possibility. There were oth...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 6, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

“ROY G. BIV.” is a lousy acronym for the colors of the rainbow. Who ever thought this was a clever way to humanize, and by that I mean insult, Mother Nature, should be ashamed. The sunset over our pond makes mere rainbows look puny. I hop...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jun 22, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (to Forever)

Another day rolls on and another night creeps forward, on the way to the place mortality rests. If there is a light path to Infinity, and karma plays a part, then the thing I focus on will be returned to me. I’ll keep my eyes right here. Anna B...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jun 1, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

The prairie sky leans in closer at night, weaving a soft cocoon around our farm. We are enveloped with a dark stillness as sweet as blueberries and chocolate. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on May 16, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

This beautiful world is an intricate balance of fine detail and huge brush strokes, of yearning and satisfaction, of unthinkable beauty and profound loss. Seeing tiny weeds of perfection up close gives me faith that the big picture, the one larger th...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on May 3, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird.

Before I came to live on the prairie, I always thought bird-watching was for eggheads; something for people with no dogs or horses. I was wrong. More than wrong: I was blind. I was being small-minded about feathers. I do my writing long before dawn,...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Apr 20, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat.

Afloat: Llamas are animals from another planet; everything about them is sideways of the usual. They look like badly put-together horses but behave more like cats. They love family and protect their home. They have a springing float in their gaitR...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Apr 13, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Not my favorite color. Sometimes the sunsets are so outlandishly loud, so psychedelically overstated, that it almost changes the flavor of the air. But I was looking the wrong direction. Beside me, it’s reflection was sweet and true. Anna Blake...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Mar 9, 2015

The Grandfather Horse. Not Dead Yet.

We've got nothing to lose and we're not dead yet.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 20, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Infinity Farm is on the flat, windy, treeless prairie, where there’s no top to the sky and the low-billowing earth creeps along without much drama. There’s a symmetry to the landscape you can learn to love. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. Word...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 16, 2015

The Last Goat Standing.

I've been trying to not write about goats all week. I've kind of been being a goat about it, truth be told. Stubborn. Headstrong. Ornery.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jan 9, 2015

The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need (and big news!)

It’s been a great year. I’m thrilled to say no one died--kind of a miracle–all ages and infirmities considered. And something was born, in a big way.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jan 2, 2015

At Yuletide-

by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 24, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge- Yellow.

This time of year, the only warm place to nap in the sun is on the dining room table. It isn’t optimal, but barn cats like Hank have to make do. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy t...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 22, 2014

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