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Insecure-no-longer – how feedback helped

No more Insecurity Insecure? Not anymore Insecure no longer Insecure-no-longer Writing is a solitary business that requires you to bare your inner self, exposing it to the public eye where insensitive people can be... The post Insecure-no...
by Divorced Doodling on Jul 8, 2016

Transition and Finally Taking the Leap – IWSG

Albom Adventures If I could I think I would always be on a new adventure . . . but I am not always brave enough to take the leap. My teen and her friend can leap: My niece leaps: Strangers can leap: Even pink sheep leap: When it comes to writing, my...
by Laugh Quotes on Aug 6, 2014

Celebrating InterNations, Starfish at King Tide and IWSG

The king tide last weekend was one of the largest in quite a while. While this came with water spilling onto motorways at high tide, it was also a great opportunity to visit some usually “not accessible without a boat” spots at the low ti...
by Laugh Quotes on Feb 6, 2014

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