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Guerlain Spring 2014

The most interesting news for Guerlain Spring 2014 is that Meteorites is being reformulated to make it more brightening and glowy – apparently it’s easier for the brush to pick up as well as the spheres are softer. I don’t have it s...
by BritishBeautyBlogger on Dec 9, 2013

Staring in the Mirror

Staring in the Mirror When King Louis XIV waltzed into his ornate chapel to worship and be worshiped, he often heard Jacques Benigne Bossuet, one of the most eloquent French Catholics. Bossuet, born in Dijon on September 27, 1627, had discovered the...
by Laboring In The Lord on Sep 27, 2013

Day 21: Anelace

by Modernity's Muse on Apr 21, 2012

Good Sense Wins Favor

We live in a very rude society where talking "smack" is considered an art form.
by Laboring In The Lord on Apr 18, 2012

Syria Strongly Condemns Israeli Strikes in Gaza

Ongoing bloodbath in Syria doesn't stop Damascus from denouncing Israel over its Gaza airstrikesNews agenciesSyria condemned Israel's airstrikes in Gaza which have left 25 Palestinians dead and has called on the international community to act urgentl...
by Speedy's Media on Mar 15, 2012

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