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The Truth Hurts Poem | Poetry Inspired

  There’s honesty and integrity in truth But, it brings pain and suffering too The truth is objective, it doesn’t care about feelings It can end up crushing you, like a collapsing ceiling Sometimes we run from the truth, scared of wh...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 20, 2016

Daily Prompt: Fortune

    via Daily Prompt: Fortune Fortune Poem | Poetry Inspired There’s a complicated formula, to this thing called fortune Not everyone, ends up getting equal portions It could be bad or good, with a twist of fate It’s happen...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 20, 2016

New Years Resolutions Poem | Poetry Inspired

It’s the perfect reset, that we all desire Why is it just once a year, that we’re driven to inspire We dream up insurmountable goals, that we never accomplish Where you get off to a good start, but nothing beyond this Let’s turn new...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 19, 2016

Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax Relax Poem | Poetry Inspired At that moment, when your beaten by the pressure of life The compounding stress, of trying to be liked If you’re pushing to accomplish, your childhood dreams Or  when the puzzles of li...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 19, 2016

The Season For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

It amazes me, the cycles of love Even in our darkest season, we need the gentlest touch There’s no fun in being alone, on a cold winter night Like a wondering bird, that was struck from its flight It’s the warmth of love, that brings holi...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 17, 2016

Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing Fishing For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired Searching for love, as if it were sport Forcing emotions, that end in divorce Likely the perfect catch, will end up on the hook When the timing is right, I wont have to look In ma...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 17, 2016

Daily Prompt: Maddening

via Daily Prompt: maddening  The Maddening Of America Poem | Poetry Inspired There has been much done, this past year, to provoke our emotion Anger and division, have rolled into our country, like a roaring ocean A culture of hate and descent,...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 16, 2016

Daily Prompt: Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly What A Folly Poem | Poetry Inspired I could care less, what people call me I don’t associate with people, who seem to folly Where irresponsibility and imprudence get the best of them Because my intellect, can be to...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 15, 2016

Daily Prompt: Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum Living A Conundrum Poem | Poetry Inspired Life Is  a Conundrum at best Full of obstacles, riddles and complicated test When faced with a quandary, on a travelers path The complexities of our problems, like equations...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 14, 2016

Daily Prompt: Flee

via Daily Prompt: Flee Flee Poem | Poetry Inspired I’ve dreamed of a hasty retreat, from the dangers of love There’s no escaping in dating, it’s bound to come up No doubt of the allure, that love has Evading, to escape the mist...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 12, 2016

Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe Easy A Delicious 60 Minute Meal!

We love cooking easy, healthy recipes from scratch. Today for the #12daysofblogmas we are sharing Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe. We love recipes that are flavorful, Mexican inspired and easy to make. For today’s recipe you only need a few ingr...
by Dear Creatives on Dec 9, 2016

Perfectly Imperfect Poem | Poetry Inspired

We are all perfectly imperfect, you'll like this poem!
by Poetry Inspired on Nov 29, 2016

Music is Poetry | Poetry Inspired

Music is poetry!
by Poetry Inspired on Nov 28, 2016

Organic Poem | Poetry Inspired

Change the way you live!
by Poetry Inspired on Nov 20, 2016

Build an Easy and Awesome Crate

Free DIY Woodworking Plans for a Plywood Multi-Use Crate Looking for a quick and easy weekend project? I’ve got just...
by Designs by Studio C on Aug 26, 2016

West Elm Inspired Sofa Table Project

Petticoat Junktion It’s themed furniture day! Today’s theme is “Knockoff” or “Inspired By”. My makeover was inspired by a mid-century style nightstand I spotted on West Elm. Inspiration table from... [[ This is a content summary only. V...
by Petticoat Junktion on Aug 25, 2016

Build a Greek Key Dresser

Free DIY Woodworking Plans to Build a Greek Key Dresser This dresser is so stylish, isn’t it? Very “Hollywood Regency”!
by Designs by Studio C on Aug 23, 2016

Inspired Foodies Linky: Healthy Recipes Link Up

  My determination to hit my weight loss goal has continued and I’m pleased to say that I am getting there thanks to a combination of being sensible about what I’m eating and discovering DDP Yoga.  My aim is to hit goal by my 25th (...
by Larger Family Life on Aug 22, 2016


8 TIPS PENTING PERFUME :..1) KENAPA SESETENGAH PEWANGI ADA TEMPOH TAHAN YANG BERBEZA SETIAP ORANG? Sebab kulit manusia ada 2 jenis iaitu kering dan lembap (berminyak). Untuk kulit berminyak bau perfume akan tahan lebih lama berbanding dengan kul...
by intan beauty centre on Aug 17, 2016

Moroccan Curtains: Decor Ideas and Inspirations

Moroccan curtains and drapes are very much in style nowadays, even more so because of their gorgeous and intricate designs. A single glance is enough to be captivated by Moroccan print curtains and their lovely colors. They can be used to turn plain...
by So Moroccan on Aug 12, 2016

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