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Studio Build Progress

A quick update: I’ve been working on the interior of my new studio, a little bit at a time whenever I’m able. It’s moving along, slowly but surely. I’m working on the electric wiring. All the wires are run, which was the hard...

Let’s Build a Home Which Runs on Nature

We are in an age where each of our households consume a large amount of energy to make our living comfortable. We cool our houses in summer and heat it up again in winter. All these happens with the push of a button and we do not even realise what is...
by Nathers Blog on Aug 15, 2016

Window Swap Update and Elvis' Last Nerve

Our cat, Elvis, is not happy about all the ruckus on the deck.  There is far too much noise for his kitty ears.  He likes to take his afternoon nap in solitude on the deck under his favorite bird feeder. Our hammering is also keeping the bi...
by Gear Acres on Aug 14, 2016

The Benefits Installing Attic Vents for a Well Maintained Home

Attic vents are extremely important for a well ventilated home. It is important to know that attic vents is absolutely necessary for keeping your house well ventilated and free of moisture, odor, rust or rot. Attic vents are a must for every home to...
by Home Design Ideas on Aug 3, 2016

Our Street

I grew up in a small, brick house at the end of a terrace of small, brick houses at the end of a street of terraces of small, brick houses. It was kind of a dull street. Cramped too. Late-nineteenth century houses all jammed in shoulder-to-shoulder;...
by POMS AWAY! on Aug 1, 2016

Insulation Installation, For Metal Buildings

Thermal Design, Inc. introduces an automated installation process for its Auto Ceil insulation offering. Read Insulation Installation, For Metal Buildings on Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings.
by FacilityBlog on Jun 28, 2016

Library Renovation Uses SOLARBAN 70XL By PPG

The Lawrence Public Library in Kansas features a new façade combining a terra cotta rainscreen and low-e glass. Read Library Renovation Uses SOLARBAN 70XL By PPG on Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings.
by FacilityBlog on Jun 24, 2016

Four Crucial Elements of Common Steam Showers Design Being Used Today

Steam showers are all the rage nowadays. After all, this is one of the few things which could help you lose weight while relaxing at the same time. However, you should realize that steam showers are not all about the function. Although it is essentia...
by Interior Decor Tips on May 10, 2016

Demilec Closed Cell Spray System Insulates Farm-To-Fork Restaurant

Closed-cell spray foam insulation system designed to enhance application process by requiring minimal temperature adjustments, along with other benefits. Read Demilec Closed Cell Spray System Insulates Farm-To-Fork Restaurant on Facility Executive -...
by FacilityBlog on Apr 29, 2016

This Girl Knows How to Have Fun

In case you think I was slacking off because I wasn’t posting here, I have proof that I was busy doing other things. My son asked me if he could dog-sit for a friend while they were on spring break… at our house. I reluctantly agreed. Hav...
by Jenyfer Matthews on Mar 28, 2016

New Product Flash: 3M Thinsulate Window Film

This window film features a patented construction that helps reflect interior heat back into a facility. Read New Product Flash: 3M Thinsulate Window Film on Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings.
by FacilityBlog on Mar 16, 2016

Tapered Insulation For Low Slope Roofing

Tapered Insulation For Low Slope Roofing originally appeared on Facility Executive Magazine. When designing a low-slope roof system over a substrate that is less than ¼:12, a properly designed tapered insulation system becomes the foundation for a...
by FacilityBlog on Dec 9, 2015

Bathroom Interior Idea, 3 Main Areas in Bathroom that Need Proper Lighting

Placing lamps in the bathroom should be tailored to your needs. To find the ideal light point, the following three main areas of lighting tricks in the bathroom you need to know. Simply put, the bathroom is divided into three main areas. Areas shower...
by 4 Home Interior on Nov 27, 2015

Winterizing Your Chickens

Anxious about how to care for your chickens over the winter? Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily shares helpful tips on caring for your flock during the cold months.
by Hunter Happenings on Nov 24, 2015

Material used for magnesium alumina refractory

Materials — magnesia, high alumina clinker and zircon sand were used Meilv refractory clinker. In the calcined materials, is now the end of their physical and chemical changes, magnesia alumina refractory ball during sintering and Al2O3 in magn...

Refractories for heat exchange furnaces

The heat exchanger is an important part of the center of bottom burner furnace, four corners burner soaking pit and one sided upper burner soaking pit for the preheating of the air or gas. The first two stove of heat exchanger is arranged in the stov...

Methods to decrease the porosity rate of refractory brick

Production of refractory  brick  is always encountered too many holes, how can we reduce the occurrence of this situation? Today we shall all requirements to introduce how to reduce the rate of porosity of refractory brick. Selection of high densit...

IF furnace ramming using errors

Xinmi Changxin Refractory help you interpret frequency furnace ramming material errors, IF furnace ramming many people use when there are errors. For instance, some customers think IF furnace ramming such as quartz sand fight the charge should be don...

Application of epoxy mortar used in blast furnace.

Blast furnace used in treatment of iron mud gun port, through the usual is a water gun mud, but in the steel yield is high, the epoxy mortar are more susceptible to iron slag machine erosion and chemical corrosion, resulting in a blast furnace slag n...

Lukla Endeavour — Thin winter outerwear made with space suit insulation

Discussion | Link...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Mar 9, 2015

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