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MINDFUL INTERIOR DESIGN:   Christmas is approaching faster than snowflakes in a blizzard, so this week I want to share some holiday decorating tips from one of my design mentors, Kelly Hoppen, London-based interior designer (
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Dec 2, 2016


To experience a bad day is to be a human.   No matter how well we plan, things can go off the rails.    One bad thing leads to another and like dominoes, everything crashes and we wonder why we even bothered to get out of bed.   W...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Nov 18, 2016

Carpet Cleaning In Denver Colorado

For the sake of good health and beauty of the home, carpets installed on the floor need to be maintained in good, clean condition. Homes are made ugly by dirt and dingy carpets, while human health is threatened by carpets that have allergens and othe...

Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you're tired of walking into your outdated restroom and also imagine a change, we have actually got bathroom decorating ideas for you that are inexpensive and also easy to do. One of the most essential upgrade you could make in your washroom invol...


(via Style at Home, photography by Laura Muir) While we may no longer have to put away our white jeans after Labor Day, it’s still the unofficial start to Fall and I’m excited about the cooler temperatures the autumn breeze is bringing my...
by Thou Swell on Sep 3, 2016


Choosing color is a subjective exercise. There are certain hues you love at first sight and others not so much. As an interior designer, it’s my joyful job to help you choose colors that please and that you want to be surrounded by. So this cho...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Sep 2, 2016

How To Bring Japanese Simplicity Into Your Interiors

Japanese Interior Design - Most of us lead frantic lives. It's no surprise that after functioning throughout the day and schlepping the children to tasks, we want come home to something a little calmer. The most convenient way to do that is by simpli...

Why Japanese Interior Design is Popular

Japanese Interior Design - Japanese interior design is being mimicked globally, forever reason. Japanese practice is steeped in many qualities that deserve mimicry such as an ingrained love and also regard of nature, or a fondness to minimal insides...

Fireplace Transformation

Meet our Before + After reader project for today! Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a handy … continue reading...
by Stylish Patina on Sep 1, 2016


I’ve had so much fun sharing shots of Steve McKenzie’s home decor store in Atlanta, sharing Steve’s tips for mixing patterns, and designing a tablescape around one of his original fabrics, so now I want to share the fun with one of...
by Thou Swell on Sep 1, 2016

BH Family Room Post 1 | How I Start a Design Project

Welcome to our first BH Family Room post!! I am so excited to get the ball rolling on this project and take you through the process! This is an extensive project, so it is pretty much going to dominate my personal designing time the rest of the year.
by Bliss at Home on Sep 1, 2016

Paint Palettes Preview and A Cool Trick I Discovered

  Hey Guys, So glad that many of you enjoyed last Sunday’s post about scale. I’m going to continue the subject this Sunday, but in the meantime, I want to give you an update about the unique Benjamin Moore paint palettes I’m wo...
by Laurel Home on Aug 31, 2016

October 22nd Paint Class

Our October 1st paint class already SOLD OUT! We have added a second class in October.  For all of you … continue reading...
by Stylish Patina on Aug 31, 2016

Tips+Tools, Window Treatments

Interior Design Tips + Tools – Window Treatments + Lamp Shade Styles Today I am sharing some resources I found … continue reading...
by Stylish Patina on Aug 30, 2016

Design interior dormitor apartament modern - Amenajari interioare case Constanta

Designul interior pentru dormitorul unui apartament se transforma in decorul viselor noastre. Astfel alegerea lui reprezinta o adevarata provoacare, ce dusa la bun sfarsit, va da nastere relaxarii, bunei dispozitii, comoditatii si sentimentului de pr...
by Design interior Bucuresti pret on Aug 30, 2016

Design amenajari interioare apartamente case Constanta - Design interior case moderne

O vila este o constructie aparte, drept dovada diferentele majore intre sumele investite intr-un astfel de imobil si o casa obisnuita. Discutam despre diferente la nivelul desfasurarii, cu implicari active in cadrul suprafetei utile si numarului de i...
by Design interior Bucuresti pret on Aug 30, 2016

Design interior living casa in Constanta - Amenajari interioare case moderne Constanta

Ce poate fi mai placut decat sa te bucuri de relaxare, liniste, eleganta si rasfat in locuinta ta situata in apropierea marii? Ei bine, acest vis care pare pentru unii foarte greu de atins, se transforma intr-o poveste adevarata pentru acele persoane...
by Design interior Bucuresti pret on Aug 30, 2016

Design interior vila moderna Constanta - Amenajari interioare case in Constanta

Fata de un apartament sau o locuinta de mici dimensiuni, in cadrul unei proiect de design interior vila intervin cu totul si cu totul alte tipuri de incaperi, pornind de la salile de lectura, birouri si pana la camerele in care se vor amenaja adevar...
by Design interior Bucuresti pret on Aug 30, 2016

A Few Tips How To Transition Your Summer Home To Fall

sourceIt`s almost the end of the summer and fall is just around the corner. I can`t believe September is in just in a few days... Time goes so quickly... With each new season nature changes, and our homes changes with it. We want to put up new d...
by Home Chic Club on Aug 29, 2016

Does Your Living Room Furniture Need To Go On A Diet?

  There have been some requests for a post about scale.   It’s a pretty large topic but for today let’s focus on the living room furniture.   Here are some things I hear.   It’s so tricky. My living room is big.
by Laurel Home on Aug 27, 2016

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