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How Time Is Spent On The Internet 2014 vs 2015

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by SiteProNews on Feb 10, 2016

Enhance your communication – learn from Len

If you are a communicator of any sort, learn from the best. Len Wilson’s blog posts are full of wisdom to help us with better communication and storytelling, whatever our particular focus. Check our his blog at You will be glad yo...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Dec 15, 2015

Internet Murah Meriah dengan Internet 20 MB Hanya Rp. 1500 dari Kartu As

Kemajuan teknologi saat ini membuat kita terhubung satu dengan lainnya dengan sangat cepat dan dekat hanya dengan menggunakan bantuan teknologi yang bernama internet. Sejak internet ditemukan, Anda bisa terhubung dengan belahan dunia yang lain hanya...

Reading trends and needs in Africa

To understand people’s reading habits is to get a glimpse into their lives. This infographic from GMI gives you insight into the bookmarks that highlight the patterns of African Christian readers in three countries (Kenya, Angola and Central Af...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on May 27, 2015

Amazing mobile phones and the next billion Internet users

Memorably, the first spoken words in the first movie with a (partially) synchronized soundtrack were, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” (in The Jazz Singer). In the world of digital phones access esp...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Nov 20, 2014

Kids With Screaming Mouths For Eyes Remind You To Monitor Your Children's Internet Usage

These are two images from the 'Innocence In Danger' public service announcement encouraging parents to monitor their children's internet usage because you never know what they might be looking at. Hopefully not pictures of kids with mouths for eyes.
by Third eye on Jun 19, 2014

The impact of education globally: infographic

Education is a vital catalyst for positive change. Access to schooling is, for example, a major reason that Scotland punches above its weight on the world stage, because that country had virtually free and universal primary education, centuries befor...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Apr 30, 2014

Latest Qualman ‘Socialnomics’ video short released today

[Please Share] Erik Qualman has done it again. Released his latest annual iteration of his view of the state of social media, as a 3-minute YouTube summary: Watch on YouTube Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Apr 17, 2014

Did you believe digital usage was this wide? Opportunities for ministry

[Please Share] If you want to get a sense of the remarkable penetration of digital media around the world, or use some of these slides in seminars to present the challenge of digital ministry worldwide, this is for you: Social, Digital & Mobile A...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Mar 7, 2014

iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives – new book by Craig Detweiler

[Please Share] Communication scholar, film-maker, and cultural commentator Craig Detweiler’s new book iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives (Brazos Press 2013) should be essential reading for any Christian interested in th...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Jan 7, 2014

Digital alters everything, everywhere, for everyone

“My two-year-old is teaching my one-year-old to use the iPad,” a Christian writer tweeted recently. As these two young ‘digital natives’ grow up, they will barely distinguish between online and offline, face-to-face or virtual. They will be u...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Dec 17, 2013

Prevent your site visitors being confused and leaving, says Jakob Nielsen

Two very helpful pages from Jakob Nielsen about website usability. A confusing website is one that visitors will leave. Quickly and permanently. Jakob Nielsen is a recognized website usability expert. You can sign up for his AlertBox newsletter here.
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Nov 14, 2013

December’s Mobile Ministry Consultation: amazing opportunities for cross-cultural missions

[Please Share] The growth in mobile phone usage across Africa, Asia and the rest of the Majority World has been phenomenal and transformative – see detailed study from 99% of Kenyans accessing the Internet do so on mobile phones,...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Oct 23, 2013

Getting the other 5 billion online: Zuckerberg’s incredible ambition

[Please Share] In a short video ► Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg introduces briefly his vision for – a project to get the entire Majority World online. But to learn more about the actual concept and vision, better to watch...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Sep 5, 2013

What does phubbing look like? Exactly like this…

Last month’s post about ‘phubbing’ (‘phone snubbing’) was very popular. Here’s a short (2:11) video story I forgot my phone that illuminates the meaning very clearly! For this, and more insights into digital change...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Sep 1, 2013

A new word enters the language: ‘phubbing’

[Please Share] It’s rare to see a new word born and taken into worldwide common usage within a month. But that’s what has happened with ‘phubbing’ – a contraction of ‘phone snubbing’. Invented by Australian A...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Aug 20, 2013

Email lists can still be very effective

[Please Share] Email remains the best way of maintaining contact with an opted-in list of friends or supporters. Facebook, Twitter and other social media area great at building relationships, finding new contacts, and enhancing your profile among you...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on Jul 2, 2013

Win a copy: Ministry in the Digital Age just published

[Please Share] Ministry in the Digital Age Strategies for Best Practices for a Post-Website World David T Bourgeois IVP Books ISBN 978-0-8308-5661-9 Happily there are at last a growing number of books about various aspects of digital ministry. Dave B...
by Digital Evangelism Issues on May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life of the Internet [Infographic]


Indians Watch 30% Of Youtube Videos On Mobile

According to a latest survey conducted by Google finds that Indians view 30% of their Youtube Videos on mobile and spends about 48 hours a month in youtube. The survey also found that, Almost two-thirds of the viewers on YouTube in India are under 35...
by WORLD OF GPRS on Mar 27, 2013

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