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How to survive in the market

The fastest way to take a bath in the stock market or go broke is to try to prove that you are right and the market is wrong..W.O’Neil It’s very easy:Do your homework (stock analysis);Track the trend;Don’t hurry;Don’t let the market influence...
by Investing Ideas on Feb 19, 2011

Investing Ideas_Week in Review 07

by Investing Ideas on Feb 14, 2011

Don't segment Africa into investment regions

Author: Will Jimerson Private equity and other investors who haven't spent time on the ground are making the fundamental mistake of trying to segment the African continent by region.For instance, at the inaugural Super Returns Africa 2010 conference...
by Investing Ideas on Jan 29, 2011

Insight for 2011

Short Ideas: Short gold. Long Ideas: Buy stocks: Energizer Holdings Inc., Exide Technologies, Ultralife Corp., Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., A123 Systems Inc., China BAK Battery Inc., Valence Technology Inc., Ener1 Inc., FMC Corporation, Rockwood...
by Investing Ideas on Dec 27, 2010

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