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Random “After-the-Iowa-caucus” thoughts:

Very happy to see that Bernie Sanders did as well as he did against Hillary in Iowa. It’s especially gratifying to watch someone fight against the Goliath Democratic election machine backing Hillary and pull out a David-like win (with a virtual tie...
by That's Going Too Far! on Feb 2, 2016

Iowa results

Iowa results Paul feels Iowa result gives him momentum Relate: Santorium Rick...
by Free Islamic Wallpaper on Jan 10, 2012

Santorum rick

Santorum rick Des Moines, Iowa – Above Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was bound in a bound chase with above Sen. Rick Santorum in Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses, the aperture challenge in the attack to aces a amateur to Presi...
by Free Islamic Wallpaper on Jan 9, 2012

Raucous Caucus

Determining a challenger capable of dethroning Emperor Obama seems to have devolved into the process of selecting anybody who currently seems to be less of an ass than the others.  The entire nominating scenario would be less painful to witness R...

Iowa Caucus 2012 Winner Predictions

I just on-line, and as usual I browse the news at the WashingtonPost. and that i found the fascinating discussion in “PostOpinions” rubric, that’s the Iowa Caucus 2012 winner predictions from some authorities, like columnists, blogg...
by Free INFO on Jan 2, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters: Democrats and Non-Republicans

As I commented on last week, Ron Paul's Republican support is thin. In fact it is so thin that if the GOP nominating contests were really kept to just Republicans, he would barely register as an afterthought.
by Moore Common Sense on Dec 27, 2011

Buffoon of the Week: Paulbots

Ron Paul will never be the president of the United States, it is as simple as that. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.
by Moore Common Sense on Dec 23, 2011

Is Haley Barbour Running For President?

From the looks of it, he certainly is. On Tuesday, the two term Governor of Mississippi sent out a mailer but it wasn’t to the people of his state,. It went to the people of Iowa. In this mailer, the Governor does not declare that he is running for...
by POLITICS 24/7 on Aug 11, 2010

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